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Vicki Gunvalson Played Matchmaker For Kelly Dodd’s Ex! Plus Are Vicki and Kelly Now Feuding Over it?!

Kelly Dodd‘s ex-Michael Dodd has already moved on with the help of Vicki Gunvalson and her longtime love Steve Lodge!

Steve revealed to Page Six that he actually helped Michael meet his new girlfriend and reveals that he and Vicki joined the new couple on their first date.

“Michael and I are very, very good friends. We have been since the first day when I met him. It’s been almost two years. We go to dinner together. We hang out together. We get along really well. I didn’t lose him as a friend when he split from Kelly [Dodd],” Steve told Page Six.

“He was hurting pretty good and going through all the emotions that people getting divorced usually go through,” Steve added. “After a little bit of time went by … I thought this may be a good fit. So I invited [him and his new girlfriend] over and we went out to dinner and they hit it off. It was me that set them up. I think they make a nice couple. I asked Vicki not to say anything to Kelly because I didn’t think it was our business to tell her. Whether she takes offense to it or not, that’s just the way it is. I didn’t want there to be an issue. When they want to tell Kelly, it’s up to them.”

“Everybody has to move on, right?” Steve insisted. “He wasn’t looking for a divorce, so why would she care who he’s dating anyway?”

However, Page Six previously reported that it was Vicki who played a major role in setting Michael up with his new girlfriend because she’s actually very good friends with her. Seems to me like Steve is trying to take the fall for Vicki’s antics.

Sources told Page Six, that Vicki and her friend went to Las Vegas together, and Vicki “FaceTimed with her boyfriend Steve [Lodge]. He and Michael are really good friends and Michael was with him so they waved ‘hi.’ Michael said he was having a rough time, and the women said they felt awful.”

Vicki then had a dinner party and invited her friend and Michael, who “really hit it off because they both have awful exes.”

Now it seems that both Vicki and Michael’s new lady are worried about the wrath of Kelly.

Michael’s new girlfriend “doesn’t want to be dragged into Kelly’s mess” and is “being really careful” while still  “having fun.”

“Vicki’s scared too because she has to film with Kelly,” the insider revealed, pointing out that Michael’s new girlfriend doesn’t want to be on RHOC and has already turned down being on “the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

“He’s not how he comes off on the show,” the insider added. “He’s a great dad. He’s trying to work on two startups but [Kelly is] trying to portray him as a househusband. He’s such a gentleman. He’s a brilliant guy.”

Meanwhile, it seems that Kelly has caught wind of the news and isn’t happy about it at all.

Apparently, Kelly sent out a bunch of, now deleted, tweets trashing Vicki; calling her a “pig” and “disloyal.”

I was able to find one tweet someone had taken a screenshot of and there’s no doubt Kelly is pissed.

I have a feeling Kelly and Vicki’s friendship is over at this point. I get Michael is a nice guy and deserves love again but shouldn’t Vicki’s loyalty be to her friend Kelly, who has been loyal to her since day one? Perhaps season 13 of RHOC will be good after all.

Are you surprised Vicki was involved in setting up Michael with his new girlfriend? Is Steve covering for Vicki? Does Kelly have a right to be pissed at Vicki and Steve? Is Vicki and Kelly’s friendship over? Sound off below!

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