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Camille Grammer Calls Out Dorit Kemsley For Causing Issues Between Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump

Not so fast!

Camille Grammer is calling out Dorit Kemsley for trying to pit Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards against each other!

In her latest, Bravo blog Camille details Dorit’s attempts to cause a wedge between Kyle and LVP; calling Dorit’s commentary about the long-time friends “off-putting.”

Meanwhile, Camille also defends letting Kyle and LVP know about Dorit’s antics; saying that’s what a “true” “long-time” friend would do.

Find out what else Camille had to say below!

Hello everyone.

Teddi’s Beach house is lovely. What a fun house for family and friends to gather and enjoy the beach. It was generous of Teddi to invite all of us to stay and spend time at her vacation home. Due to a prior commitment, I arrived later just in time for sunset. I was not privy to any discussion of Erika’s condition, so when she left, I, like the rest of the ladies, was surprised by her departure. We wished she had stayed over to spend time laughing and dancing with us. We had a lot of fun that evening. Like on past trips (Ojai), the fun starts later in the evening. 

The next morning I wasn’t surprised but was disappointed that Dorit told Erika what was discussed the night before. It was talked about without the other ladies and didn’t need to be brought up surreptitiously. I called her a tattletale and questioned her behavior as attention seeking and pot stirring. I really don’t understand her at times. Teddi and Erika haven’t hit it off that well since Vegas, unfortunately. This episode, provoked by Dorit’s intervention, did little to repair their relationship. 

Next off to NYC for Fashion Week to watch my daughter Mason walk in Malan Breton’s fashion show. I am thrilled for my daughter and more nervous then she is. Mason is a good person with a good head on her shoulders. Wise beyond her years, yet still a teenage girl. I am proud of the person she is, and this is her reward for being a great student, and it helps her with her self-confidence.

We arrive in NYC meet up for dinner and endure Dorit going on and on about how her two new besties are vying for her attention, how difficult this is for her, and how Lisa Vanderpump is needy and jealous of her friendship with Kyle.

At this point of the dinner conversation, Dorit’s droning on and boasting grows tedious and tiresome. I am forced to ask a few questions merely to stave off boredom and jetlag.

Knowing Kyle and Lisa for over eight years, it saddens me when they are pitted against one another. They have been friends for several years, and to hear Dorit’s commentary was off-putting. Both Teddi and I felt that a true friend wouldn’t say those things, so with Teddi being an accountability coach and me being a long-time friend, we both thought we should let Kyle and Lisa know. Their private issues should not have been discussed in the first place and certainly not in the manner Dorit raised them.The party for Dorit’s magazine cover was fun, and Dorit looks amazing on the cover. It was her time to bask in the attention from her beautiful cover, something she has a great affinity for. But then after a few drinks, emotions can run high. It was unfortunate seeing Kyle upset with Dorit and Lisa not having her back. They have a special friendship, and I have watched it up close throughout the years. They have been down this road before, and have worked it out.

“A good friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.” –Irish proverb

Until next time.


Thoughts on Camille’s blog? Do you think Dorit is trying to pit Kyle and LVP against each other? Was Camille right to tell LVP and Kyle about Dorit’s comments? Should LVP have backed Kyle up?

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