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Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent on Building Relationships, Exuding Confidence and Becoming an Entrepreneur

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This season of Vanderpump Rules has been one about personal growth and maturity for Lala Kent, who has made it clear that her female cast mates should be building one another up rather than tearing each other down. In an interview with Kate Casey of the eponymous podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey, Kent said she has regrets over any disparaging remarks she made to female cast mates in past seasons. There was one statement about “summer bodies” that she particularly wishes she could take back.

However, she is bringing her authentic “girl’s girl” persona to the current season, hoping to make up for past mistakes. Casey pointed out that Kent seems to have evolved on both a personal and professional level.

The Vanderpump Rules star now has a successful makeup line called “Give Them Lala Beauty.” Kent confessed that there is actually some irony to that: She doesn’t like to put on makeup and would rather walk around the house fresh-faced and in sweats.

“I started this beauty line because I love lips and was obsessed with my liners and glosses. I put out 4 glosses and then an extra 2 for the holidays, and people went insane over it. I’m now expanding to eyeliners and eyeshadow,” said the entrepreneur. She added that when people ask for product recommendations, she feels a maternal sense of pride and it gives her joy being able to offer that advice.

Kent also discussed how the experience of Vanderpump Rules is an “organic” one despite viewer speculation about drama being acted out or fabricated. “Nothing is scripted. We all actually have to work there, and I knew most of the people before I started,” she explained. “Two of my friends from Utah worked at Sur, and then I met Kristina Kelly who is Stassi’s nearest and dearest friend. That’s how we all became a group.” Lisa Vanderpump actually met Kent while she was dining at Sur, something the young castmate and Utah native had done regularly since she was 17 years old and first arrived in LA. Vanderpump approached the model and actor while she was dining there and asked if she would be interested in working at the restaurant, which is how it all began.

Unlike modeling and acting, reality TV has presented Lala Kent with the unique challenge of having to be vulnerable without playing any part whatsoever. “I was fortunate when I moved to LA not to have to work at a restaurant and be on camera dealing with personalities you don’t necessarily connect with,” she shared, adding that when subjected to the glare of reality TV, some viewers think the things you do are terrible while others cheer you on. “It was me being vulnerable and having to decide what I stand for and what I believe in, without outsiders making me question things.”

As for the sudden impact of fame, Kent told Casey: “I didn’t ever think I was that interesting.” She also admitted that she hadn’t watched the show until she actually jumped into it herself. She initially thought the concept of watching people working at a restaurant was one that would fail to launch. ” I remember when the show was first being put out there,” she reflected, “I looked at my mom and said ‘that’s going to go nowhere. Why would people want to watch people working at restaurant?'” Now that she is catching up on past seasons, she says she “gets the addiction. While she watches, she also notes how she would do things differently now and realizes how some of the things she said were wrong. Despite that hindsight, she explained, she is not one to sit and plan.  “I just walk into the scene and tell people how I feel. If I had been more calculated, I wouldn’t have been hated (in prior seasons). Maybe I wouldn’t have been body shaming and saying things my mom wouldn’t be so pleased with…I give them Lala.”

Kent also addressed her early departure last season, explaining that she wanted to maintain privacy and protect her boyfriend’s anonymity. He is someone who has built his own empire and has no desire to be on reality TV.

“You can’t help who you fall in love with. He did not want to be part of reality television,” says Kent of her beau. She further discussed how she didn’t want her lifestyle to impact his hard work and thought it wasn’t the right time to reveal their relationship publically: “I feel like I’m very open, but also very aware of the fact that at some point, the show is not going to be around. I need to make sure my life is solid beyond the show and not throw loved ones aside for a storyline. My mom is very much in the background. There are other people that I keep protected because they’re off limits.”

Kate Casey also brought up how women are inspired by Lala Kent’s confidence onscreen, to which Kent responded “That just gave me chills. I never thought of myself as a confident person, but apparently, I am. You have to let things roll off your back to boost confidence. Be thankful for everything you have and every part of your body. Learn to accept what you can’t change.  I want to make sure that women feel beautiful no matter what people are saying to tear them down. You have to ignore social media. Instagram is an illusion. None of that is real. The second you come to the realization that you’re happy where you’re at, there’s no stopping you.”

Kent added that her new relationship gives her a sense of calm that she didn’t have in past seasons, helping to prevent her from lashing out as much as she used to.

She also conveyed her displeasure over the argument she had on camera with castmate James Kennedy, telling Casey that Kennedy’s main storyline was about whether or not he was a closeted man. It was something producers wanted to dissect.  Clearly, this was a sore point for Kent because it felt invasive: “It’s none of my business. It happened to me last year with the ‘married man storyline’.” She knew how it felt to be smeared on TV and proceeded to have a 45-minute heart to heart with Kennedy’s girlfriend Raquel, which she says the latter did not remember afterwards. She was hurt when James later insulted her boyfriend in retaliation: “When I watch James spew so much hate for someone I love and adore more than anything…it was a disgusting moment for him.  I was silent because I was waiting for him to calm down. I would never have attacked him the way he attacked me.” Viewers will get to see more of the complex dynamics between Lala and James in future episodes.

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Thoughts on Lala’s interview? Is Lala’s confidence inspiring? Have you tried Lala’s beauty line? Do you think Lala and James’ friendship is coming to an end? Is James still in love with Lala? Sound off below!

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