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Vanderpump Rules’ Billie Lee: “It’s an Inspiring Story, But It’s Still My Truth”

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This season on Vanderpump Rules, we were introduced to a woman who brings a charming candor about her private life and personal journey to a national audience. With matriarch Lisa Vanderpump as a known LGBTQ proponent, it is notable that the newest cast member Billie Lee is Vanderpump Rules’ first transgender cast member.

In an interview with Danny Pellegrino for his podcast Everything is Iconic, Billie Lee disclosed that viewers will get to see much more about her life and the anxieties she grapples with. This will include some of her experiences with romantic interests. When Pellegrino inquired about a rumor that she’s dating cast mate Ariana Madix’s brother, Billie Lee seemed both amused and confused. She clarified that there are a couple of people she became involved with during the course of filming and viewers will see some of that play out on camera.

The avid yogi discussed how she handles her anxieties by exposing herself to nature, sometimes even going outside for a barefoot walk. Along that vein, she formed a surprising connection with cast member Jax Taylor who – despite his image as perpetual playboy – Billie feels is on his own spiritual journey to self-actualization. But no, don’t get it twisted: The two are just good friends. Billie adores Jax’s long-suffering main squeeze, Brittany Cartwright.

Her other close pals on the show include Ariana Madix, Schaena Shay, and Lala Kent. The latter, Billie feels, is “killing it” this season as the staunch vocal feminist of the group (Look for the popular memes that say “Move over Gloria Steinem, Lala Kent is the new feminist.”) Billie is also close with her boss Lisa Vanderpump who hired her after a friend put in a good word, knowing of Lisa’s immense support for the LGBTQ community.

As she conveyed to Pellegrino, working shifts at Sur allows her some of the liberties she did not have when she owned a bagel establishment. That proved to be a way more daunting and stress-filled venture, one she’s happy to have behind her. She now enjoys being able to focus on developing her blog, www.itsmebillielee.com, and speaking out in order to inspire others.  However, recent press interviews proved to be emotionally taxing.

“It’s an inspiring story, but it’s still my truth, and I’m still healing,” the former Jerry Springer Show intern reflected to Pellegrino. “It’s overwhelming. I’ve worked really hard on trying to ground myself…with yoga, meditation and not losing it. I’m dealing with my anxiety, but that’s part of being vulnerable now.”

Billie says that her girls – Ariana, Schaena, and Lala, in particular – helped get her through the more anxiety-inducing moments of filming. One gal pal of Billie Lee’s who we won’t see on the show is actress Leighton Meester, a former roommate who holds a special place in her heart. Although Billie Lee was respectfully reserved on the subject of her famous friend in the interview with Pellegrino, other media outlets have reported that story.

To hear more of Billie Lee’s thoughts on her cast mates and filming her first season of Vanderpump Rules, check out the episode of Everything is Iconic with Danny Pellegrino:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/25-danny-billie-lee/id1279562874?i=1000402249531&mt=2.

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