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RHOBH Recap – The Big Apple Bites!

Welcome back to the Dorit show RHOBH! Tonight we will question friendships in the big apple and surely have a few meltdowns to go along with it!

We are on the east coast this week and watch the ‘wives get ready for their fashion events. It seems that everyone has something to celebrate: Dorit is a cover girl, Camille and Rinna have their children in fashion shows, Kyle has her store to promote and Erika has her book. The show quickly (once again) turns into the Dorit show as Dorit and Lisa Vanderpump take a walk through the park so that Dorit can confess her sins to St. Lisa. Dorit doesn’t think anything she said was in the wrong and Lisa isn’t buying it. Dorit finally gets to what Lisa was fishing for by admitting she said Lisa needed attention due to her cold, English childhood. Lisa ends up being extremely easy on Dorit which is shocking (as we all know that if it were Bradi Glanville or Kyle, Lisa would never get over it.)

Next we have Erika’s close up as she is working with Simon and Schuster on her life story. In honor of Mikey I’ll describe her outfit as ‘Erika is working some executive realness and having a boss bitch moment’. Erika admits her success is…well..’unique’ as it wasn’t college and internships that got her to where she is today. It was actually ‘patting the puss’ that put her on top which is why her life is interesting enough to become a book.

Back to Dorit (again) and we watch her get ready for her special night to celebrate her cover girl moment. She speaks to her hubby who gives her the confidence that she needs (as if the girl needs any more) and we get a glimpse of Lisa Rinna doing her best to push Kris Jenner aside and get to momager #1 status.

The rest of the ladies are getting dolled up and Lisa makes sure to talk to Kyle about what went down with Dorit. Lisa almost defends Dorit which Kyle can’t take as we all know that Dorit is horrible this season and no one should be taking her side. I’m team Kyle here! Kyle blames Dorit for getting Erika riled up and lets Lisa know that Dorit didn’t paint Lisa as kindly as she is saying she did, instead labeling Lisa as ‘needy’ among other things. Lisa then rethinks letting Dorit go so easily as no one calls LVP insecure!

Over at the magazine party Dorit is clearly in her element as all eyes are on her. Lisa is miffed at Dorit and throws a little dig by reminding everyone that she had landed this magazine first (insinuating Dorit was an afterthought.) I don’t know about you but I love me some LVP shade! Kyle and Erika discuss the beach drama like civilized adults (partly why I like these two) and Erika seems to be receptive towards Kyle. Rinna and Teddi back Kyle up as we all know that Dorit is a attention loving pot stirrer who then sits back and becomes baffled when there is a problem. While were here. Can we all just take a moment to discuss what Erika is wearing??

The ladies then move on to their next destination and Erika gets her turn at handling a crotch shot situation as apparently Teddi is over exposed. Erika pats herself on the back for how she delicately handled the situation vs. Dorit and PK from last season. Someone who is not happy is Kyle who goes after Dorit for being a pot stirrer and trying to throw herself under the bus with Erika. In her own words, Kyle feels that Dorit “screwed her over” so goes after her expecting some backup. LVP doesn’t take part in it, prompting Kyle to feel that LVP is not loyal to her. Teddi then gets in on the action (because we haven’t heard much from her all episode) and backs Kyle’s words up by saying that Dorit has gossiped about her supposed friend LVP, calling her some not so nice adjectives.

The ladies really go at it and Dorit ends up pouting that her special night out is ruined prompting LVP offering to ride back with her. I’m shocked that LVP is so laid back with Dorit. Like I said, if anyone other than Dorit called her ‘needy’ she would be calling her chauffeur to pick her up ASAP. Kyle is hurt by LVP’s lack of loyalty and I have to admit that I agree. We’re left with LVP and Kyle’s friendship being questioned and time will tell if the two can repair it.

Thoughts on the episode? Do you think Kyle is held to a higher standard with LVP?

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