Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules Recap – Are We Friends Or Are We Not?

Hey Bravo fans! We decided to shake things up this week and recap our favorite WeHo staffers of Vanderpump Rules!

We start out with Scheana, and Ariana working at Villa Blanca as SUR is still under repair due to the fire. The group is going to Big Bear to hang out at Scheana‘s boyfriend’s place because Rob is rich and Scheana wants everyone to know. Scheana is determined to show everyone that she and Rob are the perfect couple or will die while trying.

Over with the other ladies, Brittany, Katie and Kristen are working on scooters to help with L.A. traffic and are still horrified that Stassi left her own birthday party with a $1,500 bar tab. Stassi comes in a complete mess blaming her outburst on stress (because being a Sur-ver is stressful?) Stassi brings her checkbook and all is forgiven. I guess we are going to pretend like it’s totally normal for a 29 year old adult to throw a temper tantrum and leave. The ladies then ride around WeHo on their scooters looking like the mean girl version of Hell’s Angels.

Jax and Brittany are heading to Big Bear and Jax decides he can’t go without his therapist (who happens to be a woman.) Brittany is smitten as a kitten with Jax and constantly turns a blind eye. I’m not saying Jax is interested in his therapist but if a serial cheater was obsessed with his female therapist I would be side eyeing him. Apparently Lala is also having romance issues as James apparently has a thing for her – because duh. The two are always together and flirt constantly but apparently Lala is still shocked that James is into her.

Rob’s cabin looks amazing and you can see Scheana salivating at the thought of one day owning it. Scheana admits her lifestyle with Rob better reflects the lifestyle that she aims for vs. what she had with Shay. The bedroom situation is sketchy as old man Jax needs the best bed for his back and Ariana and Tom need the honeymoon suite so they can “do it” (Ariana’s words – not mine.)

Back at SUR, Lisa is working on rebuilding her cash cow so they can get it back up and running. As for whose not working? Her Sur-vers who are practically buying out the entire liquor store for a few days at Big Bear. Meanwhile, Schena can’t stop talking about Rob and it’s apparent she wants to marry him yesterday and have his babies. The ladies are over Scheana talking nonstop about Super Rob so Lala decides to darken the mood. Gangsta Lala decides to take out her frustrations on James by going after poor, doe eyed Raquel. Lala reminds us that it was never about the pasta and tells a terrified Raquel that she needs to keep James in check. I have a feeling that Raquel can do many things, but keeping crazy James in check is not one of them.

Back in WeHo – Stassi lures Katie over with wine but really needs Katie to work some odd jobs. Stassi admits that she and Patrick aren’t in a great spot and until they are Katie needs to do Stassi’s heavy lifting. Stassi is so crazy about Patrick that she is going to a tarot card reader to see if her relationship can be salvaged.

Back in Big Bear James defends his words with Lala by saying he loves her and only wants whats best for her. If I were Raquel I would have a problem with my boyfriend being so close with another girl but poor Raquel is so innocent she doesn’t see it at all. Raquel then keeps her man “in check” by telling him to be more careful with his words. Sigh…poor sweet Raquel!

Over at SUR, Lisa was able to get renovations completed and the restaurant open in 3 days. They don’t call her the Queen for nothing! Lisa has a spicy margarita to celebrate which seems appropriate because her employees are getting smashed in Big Bear. James is getting drunk which is never a good sign and starts shamelessly flirting with Lala in front of Raquel. The group starts playing ‘never have I ever’ and we learn how Tom Sandoval is in bed and that Scheana likes to advertise her love for Rob as much as possible. During the game, James’ flirting with Lala goes to the next level to the point that the group visibly is embarrassed for Raquel.

Back in WeHo, Stassi and Katie go to her tarot card reader to find if Patrick and Stassi will last. We learn that Stassi will have babies (possibly next year) and that her relationship with Patrick may not be worth saving. #Duh

In Big Bear James’ drinking is out of control to the point where Jax is calling him out (which is pretty bad.) Jax also hints that he is feeling left behind as he is still bar tending while Tom and Tom are moving on to…well..TomTom. The rest of the group is less serious and decides to play truth or dare. James singles Lala out which sets her off like a firecracker on the 4th of July while poor Raquel stands by and watches.

Raquel tries to talk some sense into James and finally calls him out on his shameless flirting with Lala. Raquel was so meek when expressing herself that it’s clear that James isn’t exactly in touch with her feelings. He brushes her off and Lala then comes out to talk to him one on one. The two have an intense conversation about James “coming for her man” by calling him fat. James then gets down on his knees and tells her that he “came for her man” (seriously how many times are they going to say this) as he put the one he loves in jeopardy. You know what they say – a drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts!

Thoughts on the episode? Do you think James is still in love with Lala?

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