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AllAboutTRH Poll: Is Dorit Kemsley A Tattletale?

During this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley got herself into trouble once again.

The fashion designer turned reality TV star told Erika Girardi that some of the ladies weren’t happy she decided to check into a hotel instead of spending the night at Teddi Mellencamp’s OC beach house.

Never one to brush something under the rug, Erika called out the ladies about what went down the night before.

“Hey, Kyle [Richards],” Erika calls out. “Were you mad I didn’t spend the night here last night? … But she said to me that you were a little… you had a discussion about it.”

“I’m not mad, I don’t care where you sleep,” Kyle says. “I wish you would’ve stayed and had fun with us … [it] would’ve been fun if we were all together.”

“Dorit, what have you been up to in here while we’re all outside working out?” Kyle asks in her confessional. “What kinda s**t have you been stirring up?”

Erika then turns to Teddi and asks if she was mad. Teddi says she wasn’t mad but thinks it’s weird that Erika left to stay at a hotel. 

“I’m not angry, I’m not mad, my feelings aren’t hurt,” Teddi reiterates. “None of those things. Just in my mind, I was like, ‘That’s weird.’”

Dorit tries to defend her actions by saying she felt “uncomfortable” not letting Erika know what was said about her.

“Well, Dorit, why did you tell her?” Camille Grammer interjects.

“Because she wanted to,” Erika says, defending Dorit. “Doesn’t matter why she told me. Because she felt she needed to.”

“Why?” Camille fires back. “Do you want to be a tattletale? That’s not cool … Everybody should’ve been involved. I feel like you’re a tattletale.”

“Dorit went behind our backs, and she tried to latch onto Erika as a friend,” Camille adds in her confessional. “What is she really trying to do here?”

The ladies continued to bicker until Teddi lamented: “This is becoming a bigger deal than it should be.”

“Well, because somebody went and tattletaled,” Camille pointed out, leaving Dorit less than happy.

So, is Dorit a tattletale?

I think Dorit was trying to cozy up to Erika and get in her good graces by telling her what the rest of the ladies said about her. To be fair, the ladies didn’t say anything bad about Erika. Dorit was trying to stir the pot big time! I don’t know why Dorit is so obsessed with Erika and being BFF’s with her.

Take our AllAboutTRH poll and tell us what you think!

Thoughts on this week’s episode of RHOBH? Is Dorit is trying to cozy up to Erika? Is Dorit starting unnecessary drama? Do you think Dorit and Camille’s feud is only heating up?

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