Don’t Be Tardy Kim Zolciak Biermann

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Takes Off Makeup & Wig For a Selfie!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann became famous for a few things: Wine, RHOA and of course that infamous wig. Over the years Kim has “preserved” herself so she has almost become a living barbie doll. Many fans have criticized her and her daughter Brielle’s looks for over doing it with Botox and ‘enhancements.’ Well to all the haters, Kim is now clapping back by showing that despite her procedures she still looks like Kim.

In a post to her Instagram page, Kim gave a bare minimum selfie (well bare minimum for Kim at least) stating:

kimzolciakbiermann  I feel beautiful with no makeup and no wig and I feel beautiful with makeup and a wig. I love being a woman ?? dressing up and I also love running around in my La Perla pajamas bottoms (that are old as shit I wear them everyday) and my bathrobe. My husband makes me feel beautiful at all times! I think it’s really important to do what makes YOU happy! I have ALWAYS been into skincare and my skin ? I have gone to bed maybe twice in my entire life with makeup on (yes even if I’m swaying at the sink hunni I still scrub that face) ? I think it’s REALLY important to do YOU! Do what makes YOU happy! Love the skin you’re in!

Source: Instagram

In the photo Kim doesn’t have her infamous wig, her fake eyelashes or her usual over the top makeup. I think Kim has the features of a natural beauty; however it’s clear she has had work done. In case you forgot what Kim looked like when we first met her on RHOA, here is a little blast from the past for ya:

I think it’s a woman’s choice to do what she wants in order to feel good; however I think our culture has gone a bit overboard with plastic surgery and ‘self preservation.’ I do admire Kim showing who she is without her wig (as I’m sure that was scary for her) and hope this reminds her that beauty runs beneath the surface.

Thoughts on Kim’s selfie?

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