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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: RHONJ Is NOT Getting the Ax But Is Having Trouble Casting!

So many Real Housewives of New Jersey rumors, so little time!

Both Radar and Life & Style are reporting that the Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise is at risk for getting canceled.

The reason? Lack of viewers. Both publications claim viewership has declined to 1.44 million after hitting 1.94 million during season 7. Pointing out that neither number is close to the nearly 4 million the franchise used to draw in.

“Bravo is aware that the ratings for this season sucked,” a source tells Life & Style.

“Cast members haven’t heard yet from producers about being asked to do another season,” a second source claims. “It’s kind of in limbo right now.”

This second source also claims that RHONJ producers aren’t thrilled with any of the possible season 9 storylines.

“They’d love to hold off until Joe [Giudice] is out of prison, but they can’t wait that long for another season,” the insider says of Teresa’s hubby who isn’t due home until 2019.

Meanwhile, Radar reports that filming was to begin on February 1st but was delayed due to casting issues.

“A new woman hasn’t been hired yet, so production is on hold. And producers are still threatening to cancel the whole show!” sources claim.

“Bravo has made it clear to Teresa, Melissa [Gorga] and Dolores [Catania] that there needs to be a better season with the new woman or women, but they haven’t found anyone yet,” the insider added. “So, the show is on hold and who knows if or when it will be back on!”

Now that we have all the rumors out on the table let’s get to the truth.

Any rumor suggesting RHONJ is on the verge of being canceled is complete BS, but the rumors of casting troubles are entirely on point!

AllAboutTRH was the first to report that RHONJ producers were having trouble casting for season 9.

“Bravo is having difficulties finding affluent ladies in the Garden State that are willing to join the show. Local ladies are hesitant to join RHONJ for fear of how they will be portrayed and for not wanting to be associated with the franchise. Producers are scouting affluent areas but are not finding much interest,” a source revealed in January. 

In fact, things were so bad back in January that producers were trolling social media looking for new Housewives. Check out this exclusive screenshot we were sent off one of the RHONJ producers Facebook pages.

So, why are producers having such a hard time casting?

Well, it turns out they are looking at women who have a “genuine connection to the cast” and that have “serious money.” 

Easier said than done in Jersey.

However, there is a silver lining in it all as sources tell us that producers do have their eyes on several “new girls.”

Casting is far from being finalized but our source hints that there are a few frontrunners in the mix. 

Adding that one of the women being looked at to join season 9 has “major connections” to current and past cast members.

In fact, the AllAboutTRH team is in the know of one frontrunner to join RHONJ, and we think you guys will love her. She’s everything you’d want in a housewife and has strong connections to the cast. We’re crossing our fingers she makes the cut!

Meanwhile, as we first told you, in late January, season 9 is set to start filming “in the next 60 days” blowing the rumored February 1st start date out of the realm of truth and making the actual date fall somewhere between the end of March or early April.

“Season 9 will include last years cast, minus Siggy,” our RHONJ insider revealed in January.It is possible that we will meet a fresh face or two next season.” A second source confirms this, telling us that filming will begin with the current cast and any new additions will be added to the mix “down the road.” 

As you can see things are complicated in Jersey! Casting is having trouble finding ladies, but there is hope that the season 9 cast will be finalized sooner rather than later. I for one want production to take its time and not rush season 9. I’d rather wait a few extra months for filming to start then speed things and end up with a subpar season.

Thoughts on RHONJ season 9 rumors? Why do you think RHONJ is so hard to cast for? Any Jersey ladies you’d like to have join RHONJ? Sound off below!

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