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Does He Regret It? Mario Singer’s Girlfriend Cheats On Him & Is Moving Out!

After publicly cheating on her, it loos like Ramona may be getting the last laugh!

After throwing away a 27 years marriage to Ramona Singer , Mario Singer decided to shack up with Kasey Dexter (a woman 30 years his junior.) It is reported by Page Six that Mario caught his much younger girlfriend cheating on him by using hidden cameras in their West Palm Beach home. If you have to use hidden cameras in your relationship, it may not be a healthy union. Just saying…

Apparently Kasey thinks she is the victim in all of this as sources say that:

“Mario told Kasey he’ll never marry her or have kids with her, so she f—ked up.” In addition he “emotionally abused her” by saying that “she’s only good for fake tits and fake lips.”

I remember in the early years of RHONY I thought that Mario was an ideal husband and father. Either he put on a great show or he seriously went off the rails in his midlife crisis. The split is getting messy as Mario wants his former mistress out of his house and even posted an eviction notice after discovering the affair:

“He gave her 30 days to move out, but she didn’t want to go anywhere because it was her home.” Apparently police were even called when she refused to leave as she has nowhere to go:

“she’s living out of bags now. If she goes back, she’ll get arrested for trespassing and all her stuff is there. She’s going to have to go back to their apartment with a police escort.”

These two seem so messed up they almost deserve each other and a Jerry Springer episode. Apparently Mario is getting a taste of his own medicine as he is fuming after being cheated on with the source adding: “He told her that he wants to ruin her life and bring her down. He’s a man scorned.”

Listen, I’ve never been Ramona’s #1 fan but I think she is a great mother and was a good wife to Mario. She did not deserve to be treated or publicly humiliated like she was. I think Mario looks pathetic and hope that he has a plan B as it looks like the whole ‘sailing off into the sunset with a younger woman’ isn’t working for him.

Thoughts on Mario and Kasey’s messy split?

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