Jacqueline & Chris Laurita Are Raising More Awareness For Autism!

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Autism Advocates!

Jacqueline Laurita and Chris Laurita, may be off of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean their platform to raise awareness for autism has vanished. Right now the married couple are on the cover of (201) Family magazine for the education issue. Jacq took to her social media to share about it. She said thank you, “for the opportunity to highlight such an important cause in 201 Family.” She shared some of the photos from the magazine spread; of her, Chris, and their son, Nicholas. Current RHONJ cast member, Dolores Catania, commented, “Aww god bless u and all u do.”

There has been a lot of speculation about if Jacqueline will return to RHONJ. With the departure of Siggy Flicker, there is an opening. Jacq hasn’t given a straight forward answer on social media, but sometimes her remarks seem like she truly is in the process of actually returning. There is a lot of drama still surrounding her and Teresa Giudice. Recently Teresa and Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashlee Holmes, were going back and forth in the press. Ashlee tweeted nasty stuff about Teresa, and Teresa spoke about it in an interview, and stated she didn’t want to give the Laurita’s or Manzo’s any press by even discussing them. Teresa also told E! she “could give two shits” if Jacqueline and Caroline return.

Well, just a couple of days ago, Jacqueline posted a quote on Instagram that said, “Narcissists have no boundaries. They feel entitled to say whatever they feel is true, and litter their opinions, whether it’s rude, hurtful, or not true at all. They will then get angry when you defend yourself and blame you for causing “drama.” Jacquelien captioned it, “Do you know anyone like this? Just keep into perspective that these people are not happy in their lives and look for ways to blame others for their reality instead of taking accountability for what got them to this point, learn from life lessons, evolve, and grow as a person. Pray they find peace within themselves, know your truth, and then go about your merry way.” Hmm, could Jacq be hinting this at Tre? In the comments Jacqueline wrote, “it’s SO funny to me how everyone is assuming this post is about Teresa. Lol”

Before that she also posted a photo that said, “You can’t do epic shit with basic people.” Kathy Wakile and Kim DePaola both liked the photo. Perhaps they are referencing this season of RHONJ? It’s been reported the cast has been told they need to make it more entertaining or it’ll be cancelled.

I honestly have no idea if Jacqueline will return or not. Sometimes it seems very likely, as she has a lot to hash out with Danielle Staub. That would be SO entertaining. On the other hand, sometimes it seems like Bravo wouldn’t bring her back. I think Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga would strongly oppose the idea. However; Bravo may do it for the drama. I definitely think Jacqueline would come back if given the opportunity, for the money. Plus it’s a platform for her to keep raising money for Autism. I think it’s fantastic that Jacq does so much for Autism awareness. Kudos to her and Chris for being great parents, I know they go through a lot. But as far as Real Housewives drama, I think Jacqueline should keep it off social media. That has always gotten her in trouble.

Could Jacqueline really be returning to RHONJ? Do you want to see Jacqueline and Danielle go at it? Are these hints that she is posting on social media? Do you like their magazine cover? What do you think about them raising awareness for Autism?

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