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RHOBH Recap – Petty Mess!

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Happy Tuesday my fellow Beverly Hills fans! We left off last week with an over the top 007 party and this week we move to potluck beach parties. Oh how the tides have changed.

We start out with Dorit (because this has turned into the Dorit show) and a recap of PK’s birthday. PK drops an insult on Dorit stating that Boy George only asked her to sing ‘Fever’because he likes to perform with people who can’t sing. Sweet words hubby! Dorit is pissed that Kyle had Teddi’s back instead of her’s (it’s because Kyle is sane.) Dorit then gifts PK with a figurine of her and the kids which PK hilariously breaks after suggesting it was creepy. Hey – it was a measly $1,500! If they don’t need the money feel free to send my way…

Over to Vanderpump Dogs, LVP is discussing the puppy lawsuit which apparently was dismissed. Ken is obviously thrilled as it involved him and a separate animal shelter. I am enjoying the puppy eye-candy; however I know that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the lawsuit because Bravo asked Rinna to bring it up.

Across town Kyle and Teddi are shopping and I can see these two laid back chicks actually being friends. We are dragging out #lategate and I am over this petty BS. Please Bravo – lets concoct some better story lines here. SMH…

Erika Jayne and her new BFF Rinna are having lunch and are discussing Rinna’s children leaving. Lisa is worried about Delilah’s safety; however apparently she forgot that she already has them in a protective bubble. Luckily she is keeping busy as she is guest starring on Days of Our Lives and The Middle. Erika is missing the Y&R limelight and drops a not so subtle hint that she would return if asked. Call her!

Dorit is supposed to meet Kyle and LVP for dinner and of course Dorit is uber late. She is just plain rude this season because apparently no one else’s time matters. The girls finally arrive and LVP gives the happy news that the lawsuit has been dropped. The happiness lasts a full 5 minutes before Dorit attacks Kyle for defending Teddi. Logic is not Dorit’s strong point as Kyle is making complete sense and Dorit no comprende. Dorit is off her rocker this season and it pushes Kyle to tears. She explains she was trying to be Devil’s advocate before LVP gets up and leaves out of nowhere. It’s a bizarre moment and I have a feeling LVP was afraid she was going to be edited to look like the villain which is why she left (vs. the BS reason she gave in her talking head.) Dorit and Kyle are shocked and chalk it up to LVP not being the center of attention. Dorit agrees and I’m sure LVP  is going to bring this little scene up at the reunion. Dorit goes as far to say that LVP needs attention 24/7 due to childhood issues. Thanks Dr. Dorit! Kyle ends up feeling that she and LVP aren’t as close as her and Dorit and all I can is that this has turned into a hairy situation with many tentacles.

Back to Rinna and her girls, we see her daughters amazed their mother works (aka memorizing lines) and Amelia asking where her Tesla is. The Hamlin girls are coming off as a little spoiled as they are complaining about a loss of a childhood (only in Beverly Hills is 16 still considered a child.) I feel like her daughters are trying to be the next Kardashians or Hadids and I’m not feeling it. Apparently Delilah needs a ‘non-surgical face lift’ and I’m just thankful the scene ends at this point.

On to some down to earth peeps, we see Teddi get ready for her guests like a normal person. Dorit is running late as always and Kyle is annoyed. Erika arrives (on time) to LVP’s and I laughed out loud at the Jell-O salad comment. Loving me some Erika this season. Erika and Lisa discuss her outburst and Erika feels that LVP is actually more like her than people think. They are both like icebergs, we only see 10% of them at the surface.

Rinna is guest starring on ‘Days’ and it’s like she never left. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I used to watch this when I was younger and I think I remember Lisa as Billie. Or maybe it was one of the other actresses (it was awhile ago but I definitely remember Bo & Billie!)

Meanwhile, Dorit and Kyle are on the same page that they don’t understand LVP and you know this is going to go down at the beach house. Poor Teddi – all she wanted to do was have a potluck with crock pots and Jell-O salad!

Over at the beach house, Teddi is adorably cleaning the house herself (vs. having help do it) and even put out corn hole. If the ladies don’t appreciate the beach house I’ll come and hang Teddi! Dorit and Kyle arrive and Dorit even brought food that her mother made. It’s an olive branch and dare I say a nice gesture from Dorit? The nice moment soon ends when LVP brings up the fateful dinner and Kyle and Dorit accuse LVP of being attention starved. Kyle questions her friendship with LVP and I think their friendship has been on the rocks for some time. Camille arrives in time for the sunset and the awkward feud between LVP and Kyle. It’s a she said/she said affair and Erika hits the nail on the head when she said that these ladies are petty. Boom. And there you have it.

Thoughts on this week’s episode?

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