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Bethenny & Fredrik Recap – Premiere Episode!

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It’s here Bravo fans! Our favorite type-A Bravolebrities have teamed up and it’s either going to be great chemistry or a blood bath. Bethenny Frankel has decided to dabble in real estate and has partnered with the king of MDL: Fredrik Eklund.

Fredrik starts out by working on a ‘bare bones’ apartment as his buyer wants custom finishes (apparently it’s how the luxury lovers of NYC role.) Bethenny pulls up as the two have been discussing a potential business relationship. Apparently this is their first project together; however the B is not impressed with what she sees. The carpet is ugly (I’m with you there Bethenny) but Fredrik promises he will turn it into a swan. The closet is impressive and Bethenny think it’s the selling point and I have to agree – I’d pay for the closet alone. Their renovation budget is $400K (according to Fredrik) which includes the obvious ‘necessity’ of heated floors; however Bethenny thinks it’s an outrageous amount. Bethenny isn’t quite sold as she isn’t impressed with his dream team. Apparently no one factored in the cost of the selling point: the dream closet. Bethenny raises some legit concerns as it will be their own money vs. selling an apartment with developers.

We see Fredrik and his good looking hubby Derek in their amazing CT mansion. If this life is what you get when you partner with Fredrik – sign me up! Derek agrees that Bethenny’s concerns are legit as Fredrik overspends; however feels that he is better off on his own. Fredrik feels Bethenny brings value as she has an eye for business and is a budget boss; however Derek reminds Fredrik that he is the real estate king. I do feel together they would be the dream team as Bethenny can hold the purse strings while Fredrik brings the vision to life.

The two sit down for a business dinner and it’s off to a rocky start. Fredrik is upset that Bethenny ignored his email; however apparently Fredrik missed the email much to Bethenny’s delight. If there’s something that Bethenny loves it’s being right. Fredrik is embarrassed but happy that Bethenny has agreed to partner with him on the Madison apartment.

The two meet with their teams in the board room and Bethenny wants to come in 50/50 with Fredrik; however the catch is it would be at the purchase price. Fredrik bought it in 2013 and the price has gone up since then so he counters, asking that she pay what it is worth now. I have to say I agree with Fredrik as it wouldn’t make sense to pay a price that is 5 years old. Bethenny comes around but wants to cap what they spend on the apartment at $300K as she is nervous about the amount of money that Fredrik will potentially spend. I mean – Fredrik would probably make upgrades to the Trump apartment if he could!

Overall I thought the premiere episode was ‘okay.’ I love Million Dollar Listing NY so was hoping it would have more of that feel; however I’m willing to give the rest of the season a shot.

Did you catch the premiere? Will you be turning in the rest of the season?

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