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Chrissy Teigen And John Legend React To Being Brought Up In RHOA Drama!!!

~ Legend Has It ~

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of the most famous married couples in pop culture. They are relationship goals. John Legend is an award winning music artist, and Chrissy Teigen is a model and author. Chrissy Teigen also just happens to be a huge Bravo superfan. Recently they were even brought up in the drama on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. What did Chrissy think about being mentioned during the drama? She said on Watch What Happens Live, “I was so happy, I was absolutely thrilled.”


It all started when Kim Zolciak Biermann had tweeted Chrissy, “Sooo ur hubby is comin to ATL may 19 & Kash is beyond OBSESSED w him! Who does Brielle have to blow in order to meet him?? LOL” Kenya Moore threw it in Kim’s face on the show, when she yelled, “Worry about your life and a daughter that you pimp out for John Legend tickets.” Kim started screaming back and in her interview confessional said, “Don’t mess with my man, my money, or my kids. You’re talking about Brielle, you don’t know my relationship with Chrissy. I’m free to tweet whatever the f**k I want, it’s not for your eyes dumb b***h. So I don’t even know why you’re talking about it?”

What did Miss Chrissy have to say about being a part of the storyline? She said, “It was so cool!” She is known for her love of Real Housewives. She gushed, “And then it almost went to blows over John tickets.” Kim and her family did in fact attend that concert. Chrissy explained, “I wanted to jump in and defend Kim, I wanted to be like ‘yeah we are friends, we text, and she came to the show’ and we’re friendly. But I got scared.” She added, “I’m scared to jump into any Atlanta fight, truly. Atlanta is the scariest.”

Was John flattered that this all happened over his concert? He said, “Yeah, I mean, everybody should want to come to my show. It’s a great experience. Just don’t offer your daughter up for it.” In regards to being a story beat on RHOA he stated, “I was proud.” 

Chrissy Teigen is my spirit animal! I think it is absolutely hilarious that Chrissy and John were a storyline on RHOA. It’s funny that it was such a dramatic beat, too. I love that they are avid watchers of the Real Housewives. (I always say that the Real Housewives is my guilty pleasure, but I don’t feel guilty. Well it certainly makes me feel no shame about being obsessed with the Real Housewives if John and Chrissy are as well!) I think a John Legend concert would be worth the ticket price, but I’m not so sure it’s worth sexual favors.

Watch the explosive clip for yourself!

What did you think about Chrissy and John being a storyline on RHOA? Was it inappropriate of Kim to tweet that in a joking matter? What would you do for John Legend concert tickets? Should Chrissy join the Real Housewives? Comment below!

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