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Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She’s One Of The Only Real Housewives To Never Have Asked Anything To Be Edited Out!

Lisa Vanderpump has her tea, and sips it, too.

There is no doubt about it, that Lisa Vanderpump is the star frontrunner of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With the exception of her friend Kyle Richards, she is the only RHOBH star to remain on every season from the beginning. It turns out, she is also one of the only Real Housewives to never ask to have parts removed from the show!

In a recent interview with The New York Times, she revealed, “I have been told that I am one of the only Housewives to never have asked to have anything edited out.” She added, “But I have asked for things to be kept in.” In the article she talked about the importance of being authentic. In her mind, being authentic is crucial for success. Lisa also insisted that none of the scenes are staged. “They don’t have to produce us,” she explained.

So what does she think about her portrayal on the reality show? She said, “I’ve been accused of being cold or removed, but I think that’s because I wasn’t as volatile, or I don’t have a knee-jerk reaction.” Many of her costars have accused her of being the mastermind behind the drama, while having a nice facade. During filming Lisa likes to remain calm, cool and collected. She never throws objects or temper tantrums. Nor does she shout using vulgar language. Her digs are much more playful, rather than confrontational.

The confrontation doesn’t just happen in Beverly Hills on the show. Drama follows them even while they are on vacation. As she told Bravo, Puerto Rico and Dubai were her least favorite trips, due to the fact, “when they were ganged up, that was really mean.” See Lisa talk about her good and bad trips with the cast in this clip!

Lisa doesn’t often take the bait, when it comes to drama and gossip. For example, when reporters ask her if her costars are just jealous of her position on the show, she stated, “Anybody who says it’s jealousy is stupid, because you’re setting yourself up for failure. The next statement is, ‘What have you got to be jealous of,’ right?” 

I am not shocked to learn that Lisa Vanderpump is one of the few Real Housewives to not blame editing for her portrayal. In addition, to not asking for things to be edited out. I feel like she has nothing to hide. She has been filming RHOBH for 8 seasons and knows how it works. Lisa is familiar with what goes on behind-the-scenes too, as she is an executive producer of her spin-off, Vanderpump Rules. I hope that Lisa keeps sipping, and spilling, the tea for the rest of the season that is airing now!

Are you surprised that Lisa Vanderpump has never asked for anything to be edited out of the show? Do you think she is genuine and authentic, or generates her image and calculates the drama she stirs on the show? Do you watch Vanderpump Rules? Sound off below!

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