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Camille Grammer Felt “Humiliated” and “Attacked” By Dorit Kemsley’s Drunken Outburst; Says She’ll Consider Getting Married On RHOBH!

Dorit Kemsley sure did give us something to talk about when she called Camille Grammer a See You Next Tuesday.

So far, Dorit’s outburst is the only gossip-worthy drama of season 8 and trust us people can’t stop talking about it including Camille, who stopped by the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast to dish on the drama in the 90210.

In the interview, Camille talked about Dorit’s bad behavior, her engagement to David C. Meyer, and her first marriage to ex Kelsey Grammer.

When asked why Dorit called her a c-nt, Camille couldn’t give a concrete answer only saying “No idea. I don’t know. To this day, I don’t know why she said it.”

“I really was humiliated at that moment. I was ashamed. I really was at a loss for words. I didn’t want to say anything back to Dorit and give it any more energy,” Camille continued. “I just wanted to let it go, but in my testimonials, I was like rapid fire. I just felt like it was so inappropriate and it was unnecessary. Why did she think of this? Is this how she thinks of me or did somebody put a bug in her ear? Was one of her good, new besties talking smack about me behind my back? Or is this how she feels? I’m not sure. Or just desperate for attention?”

Camille also took the opportunity to throw some shade at Dorit‘s infamous and often disappearing accent, saying “Dorit’s accent is not as strong this year, so maybe she’s more conscious about it. Self-conscious about it, maybe.”

Moving on to a more happy topic, Camille admits she’s excited about being engaged but isn’t in any rush to walk down the aisle.

“I’m happy that I’m engaged. I’m in no rush to get re-married. We are getting married. We are planning a wedding,” Camille reveals. “We were thinking October. I was thinking maybe in Hawaii because I love Hawaii. I was thinking maybe two services because his mom would like us to get married at the church that she is a part of. ”

The question on every fan’s mind is – would Camille consider having her wedding on RHOBH?

So, would she?

“Possibly,” Camille confesses. “I’m not sure. It depends if I’m on the show again, if they want me back on the show, and how that would play out. Maybe I would show parts of it. I wouldn’t want the whole thing recorded for the show because I want to keep a lot private. You never know.”

While Camille doesn’t know much about her wedding plans or how her second marriage will work out she knows for sure that it will be much different than her first marriage.

Camille reveals that during her first marriage, Kelsey came to her and said he wanted to have an open marriage, which is when she knew her marriage was over.

“He came to me and said, ‘We need to redefine our marriage. Maybe we need to have an open marriage, but I don’t want to know anything about it.’ If somebody says that, do not fall for it. Then, your marriage is done.”

I adore Camille and would love to see an RHOBH wedding especially hers. We all saw Camille’s first marriage fall apart so it would be great to see her come full circle and get married again.

Thoughts on Camille’s interview? Why do you think Dorit called Camille a c-nt? Is Dorit desperate for attention? Is it odd that Dorit’s accent has practically disappeared this season? Would you like to see Camille get married on RHOBH? Are you surprised that Kelsey wanted an open marriage?

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