RHOBH Recap – Birthday Fever!

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Welcome back to the 9021-oh!

We start off this episode with Erika and Kyle shopping Pretty Woman-esque. Erika informs us that that her hubby is healing nicely which is great as he is the Richard Gere to her Julia Roberts. PK’s party comes up and Erika admits she is enjoying Dorit despite their issues last season (well that’s one friend for you Dorit!) Over at the Hamlin/Rinna estate, Lisa is looking at her acting options including returning to Days of Our Lives and guest starring in The Middle. Rinna hustles like no hustler has ever hustled, including selling Dusters on QVC and wearing adult diapers. Apparently hustling is stressful as she can’t think of adding a puppy to her plate.

Over with the Beverly Hills equestrian club we see Rinna and Teddi bonding over their horses. The ladies lunch which includes Ken the Butler bringing food on a tray. The hellish spa day comes up which was so bad that no she doesn’t want to invite the ladies to her Dana Point Beach House. Teddi is still pissed that Dorit complained about her champagne glass but for some reason won’t tell LVP which lady it was. Spill the tea Teddi!

Speaking of Ms. Pretentious herself, we are moved over to watching Dorit look at venues at PK’s party of the year. Between the caviar and the helicopter we hear that Dorit plans on singing at the party (because she totally wants to be Erika Jayne.) The topic of the champagne glass comes up and LVP is trying to pretend she is NOT stirring the pot (yeah keep telling yourself that.) Dorit thinks Teddi may not be on the same social level and if that’s true I’ll take Teddi’s social status any day.

Kyle and Teddi are dining with their hot Latin husbands and Kyle was really testing her friendship with Teddi as she arrives late. Teddi tells a cute story abut her husband meeting her father (John Effing Mellencamp) and the two couples really seem to bond. Both Mauricio and Edwin speak Spanish and both of their wives find it sexy. What else do you need to bond over?

Back at Casa Richards/Umansky Kyle is freaking out as her very expensive renovations aren’t being done correctly. Rinna comes over and they discuss Teddi’s invitation to her beach house which was an awkward invitation at best. Teddi is obviously intimidated by the wealth of some of these ladies and I don’t blame her. Between Rose Gold Bentley’s and private planes I wouldn’t feel like I fit in either. Remember – her dad was just a good ol’ Indiana boy from the heartland and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Dorit is practicing her ‘Fever’ routine and who better to help her out with her Cabaret act than Mikey and Erika Jayne. Erika gives Dorit some good advice (because girl needs it) and I’m loving Mikey and Boy George in the mix as well. We get a flashback scene as apparently Mikey has helped Gretchen Rossi and all I can say is I would take Dorit over Gretchen any day (and that’s saying something!)

Dorit and PK are getting ready for his surprise 007 birthday and I’ll I’m noticing is Dorit’s boobs. Did she get them ‘enhanced’ after last season?? The party is beyond extravagant as it involves two yachts, a helicopter and surprise British guests. Despite Dorit planning the most expensive party on the planet she didn’t plan to have a walkway that ladies with heels can comfortably navigate. The entrance is very complicated but the surprise is well worth it. I’m no PK fan but seeing him tear up at the sight of his parents was heart warming.

Dorit and her boobs are nervous about singing and I’m nervous for her. There is nothing more uncomfortable than watching a terrible singer try to perform. Erika gives her some good advice and I’m actually really liking their friendship. The moment of truth is here and it’s okay….not great but not cringe worthy. Luckily she has Boy George’s vocals to carry her through it.

The party is pretty spectacular with entertainers, champagne (in the right glasses) and casino games. Things are going great….too great…so Bravo has to shake things up. Dorit grabs Teddi to talk outside about glasses…freaking champagne glasses. If I’m Dorit and I spent this much money on a party the last thing I would do is ruin it by picking a fight. Kyle and LVP smell an argument and come over to investigate. LVP backs Dorit then Kyle is Team Dorit. We are arguing about glasses at an amazing party so I think it’s proof these ladies are spoiled with too much money.

All in all I think Dorit looks beyond crazy and good luck to her at the reunion trying to justify it.

Thoughts on PK’s birthday episode?

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