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RHONJ Recap – Reunion Part 2!

It’s been a bumpy road but we’ve finally reached the end Jersey fans!

We pick up part 2 with good ol’ Kim D. who always ‘brings it’ which is why Bravo keeps bringing her back. Tre gets so worked up that she gets up and lets Kim know that she was lucky she was on probation. We get a montage of the mess that Kim has caused throughout the season and I’m with Melissa: Kim is a cock-a-roach.

Andy asks Siggy and Dolores why they decided to walk in the fashion show and they stay adamant that it was a fund raiser. Kim and Teresa go at it and Kim accuses Tre of changing friends ‘like underwear.’ Kim reveals they were paid $1K to walk in the show and Teresa says she gets more. I’m confused here. Why didn’t ALL the money go to the families affected? It would seem money from charity events should, I don’t know…go to charity? Melissa jumps in and accuses Kim of constantly going below the belt (well….is the Pope Catholic?) Teresa questions Kim’s W2 and apparently thinks Kim is a Madam because we all know POSHE isn’t paying for a Mercedes. The Madam comment came out of left field leaving but apparently Melissa has heard that rumor as well. Andy thinks Kim would be the perfect Madam and I have to say that she definitely looks the part. Siggy feels the ladies have the right to be angry but is going to remain friends with Kim D. To each their own but I think it’s only a matter of time that Kim goes after Siggy based on Kim’s track record. Watch your back Siggy!

Danielle gets her time in the sun and finally gets to bring up her hair getting pulled by Ashley at the POSCHE Fashion Show. Danielle thinks Kim was only friends with her to get on the show and I’m thinking that’s an obvious ‘yes.’ With that Kim is gone and Siggy reveals that she has tried to set Kim up but it hasn’t worked out.

Siggy then gets her montage showing her work/life balance and getting ready to have an empty nest. Siggy reveals she will be spending more time at her Boca house and reveals she chose Michael over work. Her speaking engagement  gets brought up and criticism regarding her having a plastic surgeon at her events. Siggy feels you should look your best even if it means you have to charge it. Margaret thinks she needs to take her own advice and their argument is once again brought front and center. Siggy brings up Margaret’s lawsuits and bankruptcy cases with Vinyard Vines. Andy calls out BS on Margaret saying that getting sued is a standard business practice (maybe in Jersey that’s true but not for the rest of us!)

We get an adorable montage of the Jersey parents and I actually really enjoyed this segment. I love how the Jersey wives are all close with their parents and how important family is to all of them. Margaret reveals her mom is into social media dating while Siggy states she is so loud due to being born in a bomb shelter.

Dina Manzo gets brought up and Teresa speaks out about her home invasion. Teresa reveals that Dina was punched in the face and her engagement ring was stolen. Luckily she was okay. Keeping on the theme of losing rings,  Dolores and her unconventional relationship with her ex-husband Frank comes up. I love Dolores and Frank together and I feel she is still in love with him. Personally I would love to see them get back together. Tre tears up when Frank apologized as I’m sure she was thinking of Joe apologizing to her. Andy asked if Dolores and Frank will get back together and Dolores doesn’t exactly deny it making me think there is a glimmer of hope.

The feud between Danielle and Dolores comes up and I’m #TeamDolores here. Danielle doesn’t have a lot of room to talk about how other people should live in my opinion (it’s not like she has been a saint.) We get a montage of Danielle’s return including her accusing Dolores of backstabbing Teresa. Dolores denies saying Teresa only cares about money and I tend to believe Dolores. Tre and Dolores have been friends since childhood and I don’t see Dolores ever trusting Danielle so why would she ever say that? Dolores thinks Danielle is a troublemaker and I can see her point here. Danielle’s alleged drug use comes up and Dolores feels Danielle is ‘off’ – possibly on Xanax. To be fair – aren’t all the housewives on Xanax?? Andy suggests a break and Danielle calls Dolores a POS and does not “want anything to do with Dolores Catania.” Can I say she said that in the perfect Jersey accent BTW??

We move on to Italy aka the trip where these ladies embarrassed Americans everywhere. Naturally the Hitler comment is brought up and Siggy is standing firm in her thought that Hitler’s name should never be brought up unless it’s in a classroom. I think we all can admit is was a (very) poor analogy; however even Andy states himself and his parents were not offended by the comment. I think Siggy has a unique point of view as her father is a Holocaust survivor and scholar; however I do think calling Margaret an anti-Semite took it too far.

We move on to Danielle’s epic dinner flip out which got all the ladies kicked out of the restaurant. Danielle feels she was marginalized and I’m thinking the old Danielle never left and is hiding somewhere underneath that Jessica Rabbit dress.  I guess we will have to wait until the next season to truly find out.

We wrap up the season with the ‘rose and thorn’ portion and I have to say that Dolores had the best one. Dolores was upset her friendship with Tre was questioned but happy it did not break it. Melissa’s low point was losing her mother in law but grateful for Envy. Margaret and Siggy both agreed that their low point was their constant fighting because it ruined the season for everyone. As for the OG? She of course is still devastated from losing her mother but grateful for her girls. As a peace offering Andy brings out a cake similar to the one that Siggy made. The ladies have a bit minus Tre who continues to be sexually frustrated and is still propositioning Andy.

And that’s a wrap! Thoughts on this season?

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