RHOBH Recap – Wham, Glam Thank you Ma’am!

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Hello lovelies – Fancy we meet again in Beverly Hills!

We start this episode at Vanderpump Dogs and with an adorable dog that I must have named Peanut. Ken loves Peanut as well but is more concerned with cloning Giggy (I have joked about cloning my cat so I get where Ken is coming from.) We also hear about the lawsuit involving Ken and the previous Dog rescue and I have to say the whole thing seems sketchy at best. More to come on this…

We move on to Teddi doing Beverly Hills things such as skin care. Apparently Bravo told Teddi it was her turn to plan something so she has planned a spa day for the ladies. Kyle is doing her thing by working on her show American Woman which has yet to air on TV. I’m wondering when we can finally see it on the TV for entertainment vs. watching Kyle work on it on RHOBH. The show brings back memories for Kyle along with the tension that it has caused between her and her sisters.

Over at the Kemsley estate, Erika Jayne comes over to hang out with her former nemesis and now friend Dorit. Apparently Erika is helping her pick out a birthday gift for PK for his upcoming birthday. I guess is anyone is used to buying gifts for older, rich men it’s Erika! The ladies are looking at Pagani cars which is apparently an extremely rare car according to Brett the salesman. The thing looks like a transformer and I’m thinking you have too much money to burn if you are looking at a $3 million dollar car. On a side note, I’m kinda liking Erika and Dorit as friends #RichBitchesUnit!

Over to a slower way of life, we are at the Hamlins house talking about creamer and tea. They are discussing Harry’s career as he is back at action after being a stay at home dad. Harry seems like a great father and he is definitely the yin to Lisa’s yang. The two are worried about Delilah being on her own in NYC and I think a rich, young and pretty girl on her own in the big city is a legit concern. Apparently Lisa doesn’t think there is anything to worry about as she lives in a bubble and thinks her children do too. Thank God for Harry in the Hamlin household to keep things sane!

Kyle is meeting LVP to bond over their shared love of dogs. Apparently LVP wants to see Kyle get down and dirty and do some dog grooming at her rescue. The scene is very Lucy & Ethel and I enjoy watching the two joke around vs. fighting. The ladies end up discussing the lawsuit and Kyle says she has her back despite Rinna bringing it up for gossip. The conversation moves to Dorit and Teddi and their ridiculous argument and I’m hoping Bravo doesn’t drag out all season as the next #CakeGate. Ugh…wishful thinking.

Teddi is having the girls over for her spa day and invites Dorit early so she can rehash Dorit’s tardiness. Dorit comes over fashionable as usual and even more shocking: on time. Dorit is beyond rude as usual complaining about rose in a champagne glass then insinuating that Teddi’s spa team isn’t good enough for her. Ugh – I can’t even with Dorit this season. Dorit and Teddi disagree with the time they were supposed to meet and once again I’m wondering if production messed with this to create a story line. I have a hard time believing two grown women in this day and age don’t know what time they were supposed to meet. Check your texts girls!

The ladies don’t seem to agree on anything other than the fact that Dorit needs to change her drink glass. The other ladies come over and Dorit invites the ladies to PK’s 50th birthday party. The party will be black tie and I’m sure will have the correct drinks designated to each glass considering how obsessed Dorit is with this subject. LVP arrives and immediately asks Rinna why she is gossiping about her husband. Rinna plays dumb and doesn’t take her own advice by OWNING IT! The ladies are making their own terrarium and Kyle arrives in her pj’s which no doubt cost more than any pajamas should ever cost. What is with this trend and how can we make it go away? If the pajamas aren’t bad enough, Dorit and Teddi bombard Kyle with questions about their tardy dispute and Kyle like all of us wants this argument to end. Perhaps Kim Zolciak should just sent Dorit a copy of her single ‘Don’t be Tardy‘ for future engagements…

Camille arrives and Dorit is annoyed that another women has an issue with her (maybe it’s time to look in the mirror Mrs. Kemsley!) Camille is in the middle of a treatment when Dorit decides to kneel in front of her and beg for forgiveness. Dorit gives a sincere apology to Camille which is more than we can say about the apology she gave to Teddi.

In keeping with the spirit of Dorit’s outburst, I will ‘c u next Tuesday’ Bravo fans!

Thoughts on this week’s episode?

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