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Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin Make Amends At Bobby’s Funeral

Everyone was beyond shocked when Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin were spotted having a moment before Bobby Zarin’s funeral on Monday.

The two former best friends had a falling out years ago and haven’t been spotted together ever since. While Jill’s been vocal that she’s open to reconciling with Bethenny the same can’t be said for the SkinnyGirl mogul.

Well, there’s nothing like a tragedy to bring former friends together again. Sad but true.

Jill opened up about her reunion with Bethenny telling PEOPLE all about their sweet moment.

“When we talked, she said, ‘I loved Bobby.’” Jill revealed. “She said, ‘I got very emotional, I didn’t expect that and I cried.’”

In fact, Jill took the opportunity to tell Bethenny that “one of Bobby’s wishes was that we become friends again and that the whole feud would be over.”

“Bobby loved Bethenny,” Jill continued, adding that Bobby, “thought a lot of what happened was my fault.”

Adding,“ he didn’t want to interfere,” but thought there was “absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be friends,” pointing out that the former friends  “loved each other at one point.”

“He said, ‘You don’t have to be best friends, but you should be friends,’ ” she explained.

So, what was Bethenny’s response to this news?

According to Jill, Bethenny responded with “Well, I’m here.” Sounds like a step in the right direction if you ask me.

Jill also made sure to tell Bethenny how “proud” Bobby was of her and the “woman and businesswoman and the mother” she had become.

“I told her we watched from a distance and that we are very happy for her and her success,” Jill added. “I said, ‘I’ve never seen you look more beautiful in my life.”

However, Bethenny and Jill’s reunion didn’t end there and got even more emotional when Jill confessed to Bethenny “how scared” she was “to be alone.”

“I have never been alone ever in my life,” Jill told PEOPLE. “I’ve always had boyfriends and then I got married at 23.”

“When I told Bethenny how scared I was to be alone, she said, ‘Don’t be scared. I’m alone.’ ” Jill reveals. “I said, ‘Yeah, but you have your daughter. My daughter grew up. You still have your baby.’ ”

“And then Bethenny said, ‘Well, Bobby is with Cookie now. Bobby can take care of Cookie,” referring to Bethenny 17-year-old dog who passed away in October.

To wrap Jill says that her exchange with Bethenny was “pretty quick,” but admits  “it was warm, it was nice. It was sincere.”

Meanwhile, as we all know the RHONY cameras were there to film Bobby’s funeral which many fans scolded Bravo for; telling them it was tacky and in bad taste.

Well, it turns out that Jill gave her consent to have the RHONY cameras film, Page Six reports.

“This was all about memorializing Bobby — [there was] no drama. It’s very sad for all. He was an important part of the show and a great friend to many who appeared on it.”

I’m very surprised cameras filmed Bobby’s funeral but to each their own. I can’t deny that I am curious, and excited, to see Jill and Bethenny’s reunion. I loved, loved them as friends when RHONY started. It’s great that Bethenny and Jill were able to have a moment together.

Thoughts on Jill’s interview? Are you surprised Jill and Bethenny reunited? Do you think Bethenny is open to being friends with Jill again? Should Jill return to RHONY? How do you feel about the RHONY cameras filming Bobby’s funeral? Sound off below!

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