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RHONJ Reunion Recap – Part 1!

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Well Jersey fans…we did it. We made it the entire season and we all know it was not easy.

We start off with an awkward intro followed by a Melissa montage of her (not so) eventful season. Her story line is being a working wife/mom (aka what 90% of us are already doing) and dealing with the pressure of running Envy. The whole restaurant mess is brought up again and Melissa reiterates that Joe should have never have bought a restaurant without his wife’s consent. Envy is mentioned and Andy asks the million dollar question: why did she go to Italy to buy a few pieces? Has the girl never heard of online shipping??

Margaret gets her time in the sun as we see her very own montage: Affair, pigtail extensions, business and all. Andy asks if her step kids are pissed that they were a story line and Margaret admits they might be. Tre admits it’s sad that the kids are not in her life but we quickly moved on to her husband Joe. Apparently Joe is the jealous type (possibly due to the way the two got together?) We move on to the never ending Siggy/Margaret feud which we know will be the focus of 90% of this reunion. Oh joy….

We move on to a cuter montage: the adorable children of NJ. We learn that Frankie is off the market (much to the disappointment of girls everywhere) and Siggy and Margaret get into an argument about ‘cookies.’ Luckily we are interrupted by a hilarious phone call from Ramona Singer who apparently is a huge Melissa Gorga fan. Things take for a serious turn when Andy asks if she disciplines her children enough. Teresa states that they have been through a lot and she is doing her best. Fair enough Tre!

Melissa and Tre discuss their relationship and the two state they are working on their relationship. They aren’t perfect but they are a hell of a lot better than they were before! Teresa gets her montage which is much sadder/darker than the others. Tre had to go through the loss of her mother, Joe leaving and essentially being a single mother. I teared up when Teresa mentioned that her father goes to the cemetery every single day – there is no doubt her parents were soul mates. Teresa also admits she is angry with Joe and Melissa admits she learned from Tre not to trust your husband 100%. Teresa thinks that her husband will be a changed man and has seen the errors of his way after watching the show. Teresa also admits she would be open to moving to Italy and that she is no victim in her marriage. Tre can hold her own, she is #JerseyStrong!

We now move on to the feud that no one asked for: Margaret and Siggy. We get a montage of Margaret’s hits and Siggy is not looking amused. We have to relive the exhausting argument and honestly Bravo – viewers were not loving this stupid argument this season. The memorial on the beach gets brought up and I think Teresa missed a point she should have brought up: The point of the memorial was Teresa’s mother and it felt gross that it turned into a story line. Overall, Margaret thinks Siggy plays a victim and is abrasive while Siggy thinks Margaret is just plain mean. Margaret accuses Siggy of turning her into Peta and we now are arguing about foyers. Only in Jersey folks!

We get a blast from the past when Danielle is brought out looking like she’s going to the Oscars. Even Dolores admits Danielle looks amazing and I have to give props to her glam team as well. Tre is most surprised that she and Danielle have turned out to be friends and we get some flashbacks of their not so great moments and their path to a friendship.

We finally have Andy ask the question we have been waiting for all along: What really happened with Danielle and Melissa regarding Teresa? I have a feeling we will never hear the whole story but at least the question was finally asked. Danielle is asked how ‘prostitution whore’ changed her life but Danielle never seems to take responsibility for her own actions. I think Danielle owes some people apologies as well. Keeping on with Danielle – we finally hear about her having sex at the restaurant opening (that production cut.) Everyone agrees it was disgusting and pretty soon is Marge/Danielle vs. Dolores and Siggy. Dolores thinks Teresa and Danielle’s friendship will be short lived and to be honest – I’m on the fence. I can see these two bonding about being the OG’s of NJ but they also are so hot tempered I can possibly see a falling out.

Unfortunately we now have to relive #CakeGate much to the delighted of no one which Siggy is still not over. Siggy blames her insults on the alcohol and claims she ‘owns it.’ Can we please retire this phrase from all of the housewives?? I guess we have Rinna to thank for that. The public shaming of Melissa comes up and I have to agree I would be pissed if I were Melissa. Siggy states she wanted her feeling acknowledged and then Margaret and her get in a fight that completely loses me. Can someone explain/translate it to me? What is with the Bellvue comments?? Tre comes to Melissa’s defense and states that her sis in law handled herself well and that she wouldn’t have been able to compose herself. Kim D. is brought up and Melissa doesn’t understand why Dolores and Siggy insist on being friends with her. I’m with ya there Melis! Kim D. is at the reunion and no one is excited to see her (except for the viewers who know this will bring the drama.) We will have to wait until next week to see how it unfolds.

From one feisty group of Italians to the next. Is anyone else planning on watching Versace on FX tonight??

Thoughts on the reunion? Who looked the best? Who ‘brought it’??

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