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Margaret Josephs Still Hopeful for Reconciliation With Her Stepchildren!

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New girl Margaret Josephs may be involved with drama on screen, but it’s her issues off screen that have her most concerned.

Margaret has revealed that she hasn’t spoken with her stepchildren in six years as they were crushed after she had an affair that tore apart their family. Marge has been very open about the affair that rocked the neighborhood as she described it as being quite the scandal. Margaret left her longtime husband Jan (father to her stepchildren) for her former contractor Super Joe.

Despite the family drama, Margaret has high hopes that one day her family will reconcile. Speaking out to People Magazine, Margaret states:

“I know they don’t hate me. They’re holding a grudge. And it doesn’t make it any easier. But I know in my heart we’ll find a way back to one another. I’d die over them.”

Margaret states she can’t give up on their relationship as the strain in the family is too painful adding:

“It’s an ache no one can fill. It’s heart-wrenching. They were my whole life. We had every Sunday dinner, bar mitzvahs. … Not knowing what they’re up to, it’s so weird. I pray every day and I write to them constantly. It’s not like they don’t acknowledge me with thank yous. But it’s just not the same.”

Margaret’s ex-husband Jan had three children from his previous relationship; however had full custody which made Marge the only mother figure in their life:

“They needed someone to love them and I was completely obsessed with them. And then we had my son [now 21] and they were my entire life.”

Margaret’s biological son still communicates with his half siblings; however Margaret has remained out of the loop from their present lives. Despite Margaret not regretting how things ended up she does show remorse for how she ended her marriage:

“I’m sorry the way it went down. But no one leaves a happy marriage. It’s not like Joe walked in and he was some hot muscly guy and it was lust. It wasn’t like that. Our marriage was way over before Joe walked in the picture. Jan knows what happened, and we’re good friends … we’re still a team.”

Margaret states that her ex Jan has tried to talk to the children to get them to have a relationship with Marge; however he comes back to Margaret stating ‘They don’t listen to me.’

Margaret’s stepchildren are now 38, 40 and 42 – clearly grown adults and can make their own decisions. We also haven’t heard from them in the press so I’m assuming they are private and may not be thrilled this is being played out on camera. Perhaps one day they may be able to resolve their issues with Margaret (off camera) as estrangement of any kind is sad.

Thoughts on Margaret’s comments?

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