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Brandi Glanville Is No Longer Friends With Yolanda Hadid; Says Their Friendship Was “One-Sided”

Brandi Glanville‘s friendship with Yolanda Hadid is over. Why? Well, according to Brandi, Yolanda’s memoir is to blame.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up about her reality TV friendships during a recent podcast episode and as always Brandi was nothing but unfiltered.

During the “Drinking and Tweeting” episode of her Unfiltered podcast, Brandi answered fans questions and one of the questions happened to ask if she still speaks or hangs out with Kim Richards and Yolanda.

“Okay the truth of the matter is I still speak to Kim quite often,” said Brandi. “In fact, she blew up my phone last night while I was trying to sleep. I will show you the missed calls. It was a lot. She is something special.”

While everything is peachy between Brandi and Kim, the same can’t be said for her friendship with Yolanda.

In Yolanda’s memoir Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease, she claimed that none of her RHOBH co-stars were there for her off camera, which didn’t sit well with Brandi. In fact, Brandi says she was always there for Yolanda off camera.

“Unfortunately me and Yolanda. I’m actually really sad about this because I was such a good friend. Honestly such a good friend,” shared Brandi. “And I’ve read her book and I felt like she just kind of lumped me in with the other women.”

Adding, “And I have been in her house like over a dozen times, no cameras. Like always calling, always checking in, always going over especially to the condo before she moved. After she and David got divorced, I was there. I was on the phone. I was at her place. And she’s like oh yeah, I’m not really friends with any of them. And it’s just really sad.”

Brandi confirms that this ultimately led to the demise of their friendship.

“Ultimately, when you text someone and it’s one-sided, it’s like hey how are you? Hey, I’m coming into town. If it’s not reciprocated, at a point you wash your hands off it,” Brandi explained. “I give and I give and I give, and I reach out but it takes two to have a friendship. And I love her to death but I don’t appreciate her book.”

To wrap, Brandi says she got tired of kissing Yolanda’s ass.

“I’m just really bummed that her recollection is so unclear. I will say that I’ve been to her house without cameras at least 20 times. And you want to know how many times she’s been to my house without cameras? Zero. It sucks. Reciprocation in friendship is key. You have to give up at some point. I’m not going to kiss your f**king a** forever,” Brandi wraps. “But Kim and I talk all the time. We’re nutty. It’s nuts. I love her. It’s crazy.”

Thoughts on Brandi’s claims? Are you surprised Brandi and Yolanda are no longer friends? Do you agree that Brandi and Yolanda’s friendship was one-sided?

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