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See Teddi Mellencamp’s Amazing Body Transformation! Plus – Explains Why She Became an ‘Accountability Coach!’

So far, most fans are loving the new RHOBH. Teddi isn’t one to pretend to be someone she isn’t in order to fit in (ie throwing away $5K worth of chips) and doesn’t pretend that she is perfect.

Teddi has been open about her struggles with weight and how it led her to her current career as an accountability coach. We learned that she once was over 200 lbs. and she recently shared some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. If you are sitting on the couch snacking – prepare yourself as it’s pretty motivating!

The images were taken from her website LA Workout Junkie and in her post, Teddi describes her fluctuating weight and her personal journey:

After struggling to get pregnant with my son and undergoing multiple IVF treatments, I gained 80+ pounds. I was thrilled to have my healthy baby boy but was left feeling broken inside. In order to be the best mom, wife and version of myself I knew things needed to change!

I was no longer angry. I knew I needed to be held accountable because I was still vulnerable to my insecurities and the changes I wanted to make. Only by finally admitting to myself that I needed to change and having a positive outlook on my journey did things begin to shift. In doing this, I realized there were a lot of women who feel the exact same way I did and I wanted to help them feel the same power I had gained in truly loving myself again. I never dreamed that I could turn my passion into the thriving business that it is today but I feel truly grateful for all of my clients. Not only do I love helping others feel their very best, but in doing so it holds me accountable as well!

In addition to sharing her story on her website, Teddi also opened up in this weeks’ Bravo Blog stating:

First, a lot of you have been asking about my accountability coaching, so I’m glad I get to talk about about that a bit in this episode (no matter how seriously some of the women may take it). My weight has fluctuated my entire life, and when I gave birth to my son Cruz, I was over 200lbs. I was thrilled to have a healthy baby boy but didn’t feel right in my own skin. I knew then that in order to be the best wife, mother and version of myself that things needed to change. I would hold myself accountable to my vulnerabilities and insecurities in a positive way— and that’s when I felt a shift; I was truly loving myself again. I knew that there were women everywhere who were going through these same emotions and I wanted to help them. Help them discover that same power to become their best selves— to wake up every day and be able to love yourself. I’m blessed that my passion has become such a thriving business that empowers women across the country.

In addition to her weight, Teddi also couldn’t resist giving a little dig to the rich b**ches Dorit and Erika stating:

That said, I totally hold myself accountable for being a frugal bitch. Look, I know it sounds ludicrous given who my dad is, but I wasn’t handed a platinum card and shipped to Los Angeles to live the golden life. I struggled as an assistant at an agency and worked my ass off. I will never be that person who blows five thousand dollars at the casino just because I have it. If I wanted to gamble, I would have packed some Virginia Slims and never left the penny slots. But also, I won! I figured I’d take that money and get myself some fancy pajamas for next time I’m gambling with Dorit and Erika (I must have missed the memo).

I’m with Teddi on this one! If I ever get so rich I start wearing designer pajamas in public – please hold an intervention!

What are your thoughts on Teddi’s transformation and business? Thoughts on her comments in her Bravo Blog?

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