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RHOBH Recap – Stronger Than Ever!

It’s here Beverly Hills fans – our wait is over!

We start out season 8 watching the ladies get ready for their fabulous days with some serious dramatic music about ‘coming back stronger’ in the background. Erika is discussing her career with her Mikey, her creative director, and reveals she never says ‘no’ as she needs to maximize her fame. No one is more surprised than Erika that she has reached peak fame in her mid 40’s. In case you are wondering if Tom is alive and well (as we only see Mikey) we are reminded that her success is due to her husband. And yes – Ms. Jayne has made it because her office alone is more expensive than most homes!

Lisa Rinna is hanging out at the house with her two model daughters. I’m kinda getting some Kardashian vibes from the two girls and Kris Jenner Lisa Rinna. Lisa is a self described ‘momager’ to her two daughters are laying around getting vitamin drips, complaining about going to NYC. I mean – life is hard in Beverly Hills isn’t it?

Across town our two favorite frenemies, LVP and Kyle are having lunch with Kyle’s fabulous new bag. Kyle is still working on her new show American Woman but is still planning a birthday Vegas trip for the ladies birthdays (Rinna, Erika & Dorit.) These ladies weren’t exactly getting along so everyone is curious as to how the trip will go. Kyle hates being in the middle so decides to invite everyone and if they don’t want to go they can just decline the invite. LVP is looking forward to going to Vegas to ‘scratch the puss.’

Dorit and her son Jagger are driving across town and we see the progress of Jagger’s speech. We are introduced to the new girl Teddi and her husband who are hosting a children’s music class. Dorit is trying to meet more mothers that have kids so voila! A nice Bravo transition for us to meet Teddi. Teddi is very into equestrian so Dorit thinks it’s only natural to introduce her to LVP.

Over at the fabulous Erika Jayne office, Kyle visits. I’m confused as to what they do at the office minus sit around texting and stand on a pedestal to get tailored. Can’t you do those things at home and save the rent money? Kyle is getting ideas after getting blinded in the makeup room as she is redoing her home. Kyle invites Erika to Vegas for a ‘fun girls trip’ that we know will be full of fights and petty arguments.

Over at Teddi we get a shot of her daughter Slate, son Cruz and hubby Edwin doing a race. Teddi admits she grew up rich (duh – her dad is John Mellencamp) but we are supposed to believe she was not spoiled. We also learn that her husband was supposed to be a one night stand but she ended up falling in love with Edward Edwin.

Over at Dorit’s house we see her renovations, which I know cost a fortune, but honestly I’m not a fan of. Her style is too modern for me, but hey, to each their own! PK still has issues with Rinna and Erika but Dorit is more concerned with Rinna’s slanderous accusations. We all remember that little ‘coke’ comment don’t we?

Teddi is getting to know the ladies and is meeting LVP and Dorit for drinks and dinner. We learn that Teddi’s real name is ‘Teddi-Jo’ which is as country as it comes! Apparently it’s also Teddi’s birthday so she also gets an invite to Vegas. Dorit is nervous about seeing Erika due to the issues between PK and Ms. Jayne and going to proceed with caution.

We get the gratuitous montage of the ladies packing with their families; however Erika’s packing is on another level. Mikey and Erika basically have their own language and are packing for an ‘airplane moment’ and are looking for a place for a ‘Moschino moment.’ It’s good to be Erika – but I have to wonder if we will ever see Tom??

Over at the airport, Camille meets the ladies and the crew is introduced to Teddi. The ladies are a bit skeptical as Teddi apparently doesn’t like to shop. We learn that apparently Erika shops at her best after a few drinks so pour this lady some champagne! Rinna calls in and gives the news that she is coming, much to the joy of Dorit.

On the plane Kyle is freaking out and then all hell breaks loose as a glass of wine spills on her new Birkin bag. I mean if I owned a bag that expensive I would probably never take it out for fear it would rain!

The rooms in Vegas are beautiful as usual but the ladies are nervous about Rinna arriving. Kyle reveals she saw Harry Hamlin on a hike who let her know that Kim Richards could never be around the other ladies again. Um..okay thank’s Harry! When we need a house husband’s opinion we will give you a call.

Both Dorit and Erika travel with a glam squad but I mean no one can compete with the pretty mess squad. From them, we learned the difference between a ‘DSL’ and a ‘polite lip.’ Thanks for that little lesson Erika!

The ladies arrive for a night out in their Vegas best with Dorit having a cape effect and Teddi….well basically forgetting to wear pants. Lisa Rinna arrives and is loud and obnoxious as usual. We will have to wait until next week to see how that all unfolds.

Thoughts on the season 8 premiere? Thoughts on Teddi so far?

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