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Dolores Catania: RHONJ Star Feels Being On The Show Is Organic And Reveals True Thoughts About Danielle

Dolores Catania, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, recently made an appearance on Andy Cohen’s show on Bravo, Watch What Happens Live. After the episode ‘Meltdown in Milan’ aired on December 13th, she was the guest on WWHL with her ex-husband and son as the guests behind the bar. Talk about a cute group of bartenders! The former correctional officer, turned reality starlet and gym owner, looked gorgeous in a sparkly black number. She dished about being on the show, her true feelings about Danielle Staub, and divulged whether she gave co-star and friend, Teresa Giudice, advice or not. She confessed to host Andy Cohen, that being on the show feels, “organic.” She explained, “I guess because I’m with friends, and these people are like my family, I’ve been with them all for twenty years – so I know.”

It’s no secret from the show, that Dolores and Danielle are not meshing well. She has said on the show, she thinks Danielle is on something. As of now, these two are not friends. Danielle has said she thinks Dolores is a liar and says her true colors are showing.

Her issues with Danielle? “I embraced Danielle when I had first met her, although I heard many terrible things, about things she’s done to people,” Dolores explained. She said she gave her a chance in the beginning despite everything. Remember Dolores has been close friends with Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo, since before the show. She was around when they weren’t getting along with Danielle Staub during season one. “She started something between me and Teresa that wasn’t true, she told Teresa I was talking about her very early into this whole relationship and I wasn’t.” Danielle claimed on the show, that Dolores told her all that Teresa cares about is money. Furthermore; Dolores is tired of Danielle making fun of her and talking about her relationship with her ex-husband, the father of her children. “She also antagonizes me and she mocks me about my relationship with Frank Catania.” Dolores and Frank have a good relationship and they co-parent so well. People really need to let it go that they are currently living together. Who knows, maybe one day they will end up married again. *Wishful thinking.* 

So does she think Danielle is genuine? “No, I don’t think anything is really genuine about her. That’s number one. And as far as Teresa and Danielle, I mean, right now it’s a new relationship. It’s kind of superficial, it’s just new.” She doesn’t think the friendship can really be measured right now because it’s the honeymoon phase of a new found friendship. Dolores said, “Lets see what happens, you never know. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong, I hope they run off into the sunset and stay friends. But who knows what could happen.” 

Did Dolores give advice to Teresa before she went away? Actually, no! Dolores said she saw Teresa at Bloomingdale’s the week before she went away. It didn’t seem real. Neither of them felt like she was really leaving, and neither of them could believe she was truly in this situation. Dolores divulged that Teresa had made lunch plans with her, around the time she was leaving. Dolores and Teresa are still close friends, and Teresa and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga are closer than ever. 

Who of the Real Housewives franchise would be a good match for her ex-hubby/best friend Frank? Michael Rapaport, the other guest on the show, said he wanted to see him on a date with Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York. Dolores laughed, “He would not tolerate her for two seconds.” She added, “He would like Porsha though, oh yeah!”

Do you think Danielle is being genuine with her friendship with Teresa? Do you think Dolores and Frank should get back together?


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