RHONJ Recap – Meltdown in Milan!


Ciao Bellas!

We are skipping Jersey this week and will meet in Milan!

We start out with Joe Gorga missing Melissa before she even leaves. Melissa says she has to go as the trip is for business (looking at clothes for her boutique envy.) Her son does an impression of her which is adorable – he is such a cutie!

Marge and Super Joe are discussing the POSCHE Fashion Show while Siggy and Michael are discussing the Sig being in another country with Marge. Siggy says that she is going for her friends and will try and avoid Margaret.

Tre is hanging with Audriana and her father and getting sentimental as the last time she was in Italy Joe and her mother were also there. On a personal note: My favorite scenes this season are with Tre and her father. FYI Bravo – more of that and less crazy!

The ladies arrive in Milan (which is gorgeous) and have an awkward car ride as no one wants to bring up the fashion show. The ladies rooms are gorgeous and I’m definitely feeling a trip to Italy in my future. We learn that Danielle used to model as she and Tre visit the breathtaking cathedral. Tre brought a rosary as she wanted to bring her mother back here. It’s a sweet moment and I loved that Teresa did that for her mom.

Melissa and Marge have work to do while Siggy and Dolores do some shopping. Tre and Danielle go out for a drink and the ladies then turn to talking about the ‘elephant in the room.’ The ladies are upset that Dolores got in Melissa’s face at the fashion show and that Siggy and Dolores didn’t stand up to Kim D.

Siggy and Dolores are talking in a luggage store and Siggy reveals she was super upset that Margaret brought up ‘Hitler’s’ name. Siggy said she is going to bring it up that night and we all know that it will go over smoothly (said no housewives fan ever.)

Marge and Melissa are looking at a showroom and let’s just say there is a lot of fringe going on. The ladies then meet in the hotel to pop some bubbly. Tre and Melissa discuss their day and Melissa is confused that there are more cathedrals in Italy than just Rome – sorry this made me laugh out loud!

The ladies have a lot of unresolved issues between Dolores and Siggy at the fashion show and Siggy’s issues with Margaret. The ladies arrive to dinner (ASAP because Melissa is hangry) and the ladies have a lovely table. We all know a dinner with the housewives is a dinner from hell so I’m just waiting how long this dinner will go smoothly. Being the ladies that they are, Danielle demonstrates how to do a ‘rainbow’ which I could have done without. I mean it’s a nice restaurant – couldn’t they wait to do that after leaving??

Tre gets an email from Joe which is short and sweet and ends with the term of affection ‘cheater.’ This is of course a joke because of the lies that Kim D. has been spreading. Siggy decides to bring up the elephant in the room and states that she has defended Melissa and Tre. Dolores said she felt bad for blowing up at Melissa but feels like it’s Danielle, Marge and Melissa against Siggy and Dolores. Whew – are you all talking notes?? there are a lot of feuds here and there may be a pop quiz at the end.

Siggy then jumps in about her issues with Margaret and is upset that she used a ‘Hitler’ an analogy. Siggy then just drops the bomb of bombs and calls Margaret ‘antisemitic.’ I mean…all I can say is that this escalated quickly! Why do I feel like I say that when recapping every housewives episode?

Clearly this does not over well with Margaret and at this time the entire restaurant is looking at the ladies. They are way out of control and are an embarrassment. Wow ladies – way to fight those American stereotypes that Europeans have of us.

Things have gone from bad to down right ugly and we’ve only just begun on this Italian adventure. The next morning the ladies are a bit calmer and discuss things over a cup of coffee. Siggy and Dolores are having their coffee separately as lines seem to be drawn. Melissa is the voice of reason and reminds the ladies that they are in Milan and should see some of the city. Melissa tries to be the bridge between Siggy and Danielle because who wants to see canals with screaming women? Danielle and Siggy decide to stay back from the canal tour as they have some work to do.

Back in the states Frank, Super Joe, Tarzan and Marty meet up at a restaurant. When the ladies are away the men will…drink? The men discuss the difficulties of having a daughter and the fact that they are better behaved than their wives. I mean – who gets kicked out of a restaurant?

The ladies have a pretty cute tour guide for their canal tour and I would rather be outside enjoying the sites of Italy than fighting over old drama. Plus – the tour guide has a great head of hair! Back at the hotel, Danielle and Siggy meet on the terrace to discuss the events of the night before. Siggy apologizes to Danielle but the direction then changes to the Siggy/Margaret feud. Danielle has Margaret’s back and is taking baby steps with Siggy.

Meanwhile, our NJ tourists get a beautiful lunch by the canal. Dolores wishes everyone was present and Melissa thinks Dolores needs to talk to Siggy. Dolores and Margaret then have a tense moment as Dolores is staying loyal to Siggy. Dolores then says the obvious: Siggy and Margaret will never get along.

Back at the hotel, Siggy calls her hubby Michael and Michael has had enough of the Margaret/Siggy feud as well. Only time will tell on whether these two will call a truce.

Until next week!

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