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Stassi Schroeder Says She Stays Super Skinny By “By Trying to Starve Myself”

Stassi Schroeder is the Queen of controversial comments so it’s not surprising her latest diet secrets raised more than one eyebrow.

The Vanderpump Rules star recently revealed to Daily Mail Australia that she keeps her thin figure by taking some pretty extreme measures.

“I’m really lazy. I stay thin by trying to starve myself for the most part if I’m being honest,” she explained. “When I’m home in Los Angeles, it’s like one meal a day.”

Adding, “But when I go out of town or on work trips, it’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

However, after her interview came to the surface, Stassi claimed she wasn’t completely serious.

“Mmm. There was an element of sarcasm while I was doing that interview,” Stassi said on Twitter.

Previously, Stassi revealed to The Skinny Confidential her “quick skinny trick” which involves cutting carbs and alcohol and replacing them with juices.

“I do juices every single day in addition to what I already eat, but when I have to look particularly lean, I cut out the solids and do juices & lots of water for a day. I like to sit in a sauna for a good length of time and sweat everything out. And let’s not forget a good spray tan!” Stassi explained back in 2016.

Continuing, “No carbs after 5:00 PM for a week, lots of water and cleansing juices. I try to cut out alcohol as much as possible for that week, but of course, splurge on a glass of red wine when it’s been a rough day. I also love the detox body wrap spa treatment at Burke Williams.”

Meanwhile, one topic Stassi was completely serious and honest about in her Daily Mail Austrailia interview was plastic surgery; claiming that she’s candid about her plastic surgery’s and will open up to anyone about her experiences.

“Anyone who asked me, I would tell them. I don’t like when people put on this facade and they’re perfect in every photo. Then the rest of us look at it and feel badly about ourselves,” she explained. “I’m all about plastic surgery or Botox and fillers, but be open about it, because there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all doing it for the most part.”

I’m sure Stassi was being sarcastic in her comments but I bet there’s some truth to it. She’s on TV and lives in L.A. where everyone is super skinny so it wouldn’t be shocking if she were going to extreme measures to keep up. Either way, I think Stassi is gorgeous.

Thoughts on Stassi’s dieting tips? Do you like that Stassi is candid about her plastic surgery?

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