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NeNe Leakes Calls Kim Zolciak A “Hater” After She Attacked Kenya Moore’s Marriage; Plus Has Kenya Been Officially Fired From RHOA?!?!

It’s called Shady Sunday for a reason! The Real Housewives of Atlanta know how to read and throw shade like no other franchise.

And during the past week’s episode of RHOA, the entire cast is guilty as charged when it comes to the crime of throwing shade!

It was already hot as hell in Atlanta during this past week’s episode, but things got even hotter when Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak-Biermann came face to face.

The cast was hanging out at NeNe Leakes, brand-new roach free home, when the topic of Kenya’s marriage and her husband, Marc Daly, came up.

While everyone was playing nice and asking Kenya about her man, Kim was doing the exact opposite; making snide comments under her breathe.

Kenya assured her co-stars that they would meet her husband, “soon, hopefully soon,” but Kim wasn’t buying it telling the group “It ain’t gonna f—king happen, bitch because he don’t exist.”

“He don’t exist,” Kim said again for good measure and to be extra dramatic.

This caused Kenya to freak out, and not in a good way. Kenya took her attack on Kim one step too far and made a transphobic comment, which is a big no-no, especially when you’re at a party “Gurls & Gays” themed party. #PoorJudgement #Rude

“Shut the f–k up, OK?” Kenya angrily responded. “Why do you have such a hard-on for me? Didn’t they cut it off during your reassignment surgery? Why do you have such a hard-on? Whack off somewhere. Get it off. Jack off somewhere and get it off your chest.”

While the “To be continued…” screen popped up shortly after, Kim and Kenya’s fight is just getting started.

In fact, their showdown escalates next week after Kenya tells Kim, “Worry about your life and the daughter you pimp out for John Legend tickets. Worry about yourself.”

Meanwhile, Kim and Kenya took their feud to real-time and went at it on Twitter during the episode.

“What a nasty woman @Kimzolciak is to talk about another woman’s eggs and journey to have a baby. #trash #rhoa @Kimzolciak screwed #bigpoppa — a married man for years, but she’s worried about my husband and my life. Worry about your husband, not mine #trashbox #rhoa,” Kenya tweeted.

Kim fired back with an equally ugly comment while revealing some VERY interesting information.

It’s been rumored for months that Kenya is getting fired from RHOA for not showing her real life including her marriage and husband.

Well, Kim basically confirmed that Kenya has been “FIRED” from RHOA. Now, we don’t how true Kim’s claim is – she could just be speaking out of her ass, but it is very interesting, to say the least.

“Sweetie I’ve been married 6 yrs move on… BUT you call your man ‘baby’ to try and be like me; you have a white Bentley that I had YEARS ago to be like me! Remember Sweetie I’m on 2 shows, and you aren’t even on one!! #Fired,” Kim tweeted back.

The drama doesn’t end there because of course, Queen B, NeNe Leakes had to insert herself into the drama.

Following Sunday’s shady episode, NeNe took to Instagram and called Kim a “hater” insisting that she didn’t have one nice thing to say her “Gurls & Gays” party.

“The face of a hater!” NeNe captioned a photo of Kim and Sheree Whitfield. “She couldn’t take it! She complained & complained! Attitude was horrible while everybody was trying to be nice to her! But yet she’s sooooo positive! It’s a damn SHAME that they think their homes are better than anyone else! SMH.”

The drama in the ATL may finally be heating up! Season 10 has been off to a slow start, but it finally seems to be reving up – THANK GOD. I can’t handle another snoozefest like season 12 of RHOC. Kenya’s insult crossed the line, but Kim is just “so nasty, so rude!” I’m so curious if Kenya’s really been fired, rumors have been circulating for months and usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Was Kenya’s insult to Kim out of and transphobic? Should Kim mind her business when it comes to Kenya’s marriage/husband? Is Kim a hater? Do you think Kenya has been fired from RHOA? What are your thoughts about season 10 so far?

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