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Peggy Sulahian Accepts Kelly Dodd’s Apology! Plus, Thinks There is Hope for Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson!

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Well folks – another season of the RHOC has wrapped and many fans were underwhelmed with the reunion. I have to say I was one of them. The ‘make up’ between Tamra and Vicki seemed fake and Shannon seemed to be the only housewife who was willing to be authentic.

Apparently, newbie Peggy disagrees as she praised the reunion for all of the resolutions that came from it in her Bravo Blog:

“At least the air was cleared. And I accepted Kelly’s sincere apology about my father, which, I apparently should have kept in context. I know I’d told her about his passing, but my emotions prevented me from thinking clearly. I accepted her apology because she was so sincere. I don’t think Kelly can be anything other than sincere because she is so emotive. Her demonstrative behavior exposes her true nature, and what you see is what you get. I guess that is why Vicki likes her.

Speaking of friendship, I appreciate both Lydia and Vicki for their support during taping, and tonight, while I was discussing my turbulent season, they were willing to speak words of encouragement for me!

And in terms of friendships and tidal waves, could you believe the beautiful trio of women mending old relationships? Tears flowing and emotions gushing while apologies were swirling all around, with Tamra and Vicki apologizing to each other promising not to be unkind and hugging. Oh too sweet — I think we were all smiling and tearing up. But Vicki extending her hand to Shannon was beautiful. Wow, wow, wow! Never would I have thought that I would see Vicki sitting near Shannon and holding her hand! That in and of itself was miraculous. Andy surmised that when Tamra asked Vicki to change couches, it the sweetest thing she’d said!

I hadn’t witnessed their friendship, but in Iceland, I had a glimpse of it, and it seemed genuine. My hope is that it will eventually mend, and they can overcome the hurdles of there past and reconcile.”

Personally I don’t think Peggy seemed quite ‘with it’ this season (something she even admitted to at the reunion) so I’m not going to trust her judgement here. I think the Tamra/Vicki friendship will last about another 5 minutes. As for Kelly’s apology? I think she was genuinely sorry; however we all know something else will probably set her off and that apology will be long forgotten.

Thoughts on Peggy’s blog?

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