RHOC Recap – Part Two!


It’s time for part two of the OC reunion housewives fans!

We left off with a very emotional Shannon Beador announcing her split from David, which all of the ladies seemed to take pretty hard. Shannon admits she is ready to have fun; however we get a montage of her craziness this season. Shannon admits her “old school” manners flew out the door and apologizes to Tamra for being short with her. She is also the bigger person and apologizes to Lydia; however Peggy thinks she deserves an apology as well (because Peggy needs to somehow stay relevant this reunion.) Meghan saves Shannon by jumping in and telling Peggy that Peggy never apologized for clipping Meghan’s lips. Andy quickly realizes that this is going nowhere and changes subjects, asking Meghan about her baby. We then get a cute montage of baby Aspen and a very emotional Meghan announces that she is 1 month pregnant with a boy! It’s a very cute moment and between the baby announcement and Shannon’s separation I’d say this reunion has had some of the most shocking surprises.

The cuteness lasts about 5 seconds as Andy then switches things over to the Kelly/Meghan feud. Andy wants to know why she was offended that Kelly accused Jimmy of having an affair if she asked Kelly the same thing. Meghan denied she had any malicious intent and that Kelly didn’t go to the ‘source’ aka Jimmy. Kelly then makes a good point that the two hurt each other but apologized and moved on. Kelly insinuates that Meghan waited until the cameras were rolling to bring it up again (so she would have a story line) and it caught Kelly off guard. Kelly being Kelly goes below the belt and says the ugliest thing: That Meghan should be worrying about her baby. The two former friends are never going agree on this and in my opinion I’m not taking either side as I think both are in the wrong.

We then get a montage of Peggy (oh joy..) including her cars and breast cancer confusion. Peggy defends Diko saying he is loving and not controlling and tries to clear up the cancer confusion. Peggy states she was ‘off’ this season due to the death of her father and her double mastectomy. Shannon denies telling David anything about Peggy’s cancer scare and I have to believe her as she correctly states that she is done defending David but she will tell the truth. Peggy is very emotional and I just don’t think this show is for her. She is not quick witted and seems to rely on her husband to help explain herself.

Although nothing is really resolved with Peggy Andy decides we need to move on to the disastrous Iceland trip. Vicky clears the air, stating she put the towel over her head as she looked like a hot mess during her ‘heart attack’ scare. The real reason Vicky felt sick was that she mixed Xanax, Adderall and Nyquill. Yeah – that will do it for you!

Lydia gets her turn to talk about her feelings being hurt which she takes out on Shannon (of course she does!) We discuss more of the Iceland drama including the Viking dinner where Vicky apologized to Shannon and the craziness of Peggy on the trip. Shannon felt that Vicky’s apology was inauthentic and Peggy talks about her delusions of everyone laughing at her. The ladies deny they were laughing at her and Kelly states she forgot that Peggy’s father passed away. Andy brings up the crazy that was Peggy recording her ‘evidence’ of Meghan being a bad mother. Lydia defends Peggy and Peggy then brings it back to her surgery again, including why she left the trip early. The ladies state the obvious: Peggy is too sensitive and is misunderstood and misunderstands the ladies as well.

We then move on to the demise of Tamra and Vicky’s friendship. Tamra states that she wanted to resolve her friendship with Vicky; however as her marriage was sacred she couldn’t get over it. Lydia states she wanted to help but agrees marriages are off limits. Tamra brings up Vicky’s shadiness about Ricky being at her birthday party who was obviously brought there to humiliate Tamra. Tamra has a great comeback when Vicky calls Ricky ‘Tamra’s friend’ saying that Brooks was ‘Vicky’s boyfriend.’ Shannon states she is okay with Tamra being friends with Vicky and Vicky just hopes that everyone can move on from this. Good luck with that Vick…

Out of everything that is spoken apparently the thing that hurts Vicki the most is the insult that ‘nothing looks good on her’ which was made by Tamra and makes her want to quit the show. Lydia attempts to help Vicki (because Lydia is obsessed with sucking up to her for some reason) and eventually Vicki comes back to the couch. Tamra is now emotional and the two go back and forth on whether each other is sorry and authentic with their apologies. Vicki wants Tamra to stop bringing up Brooks and Tamra wants Vicki to stop going for her family. The two give each other a hug, but let’s be real – it’s all for cameras! Shannon gets some of the love but I don’t think they will really resolve anything.

Vicki, Shannon and Tamra end up sitting up next to each other and Andy takes Lydia’s spot as the ‘friendship whisperer’ by talking through what each woman needed to do to resolve their issues. Some kind words are said but I really don’t think anything will change between the ladies as the make up seemed forced by Andy (for ratings.)

Well that’s it OC fans! Thoughts on this season and the reunion?

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