RHONJ Recap – A Retreat To Remember!


Greetings Jersey fans!

We start out this episode with Marge in Charge bickering with her husband Super Joe. The couple is doing suburban couple things such as buying wallpaper and gossip about the other ladies while doing so. The two have very different tastes when it comes to decor, and to be honest, I don’t like either. Marge is baffled that Siggy doesn’t like her and the topic of kids is brought up as both she and Siggy have children the same age. Margaret breaks down that her stepchildren do not speak with her as they never got over the fact that she cheated on their father.

Dolores and Teresa are meeting for a drink at Rails (because I think this is the only place Bravo was able to get filming rights.) Dolores is upset that Teresa would even entertained Danielle’s comment. She then went a step further to suggest that Danielle does drugs or is on some crazy medication. Um..Dolores you may want to have some evidence before accusing that on national television! Tre and D then get into it about Dolores’ unconventional marriage and Dolores insinuates that she didn’t put up with Frank but Tre puts up with Joe. It’s insinuated that Teresa puts up with Joe cheating on her which Dolores wouldn’t stand for. Teresa is upset but states that she would believe Dolores over Danielle (which I would also) but the friendship has its’ cracks.

Over at Casa Camp/Flick, Dolores comes over to eat sundaes with BFF Siggy. By sundae I mean whip cream with a little bit of ice cream. Siggy is stress eating as she is trying to find a work/life balance. She wants to do an overnight retreat to empower women but wants to try it out on her girlfriends before going ‘live.’

Siggy and Marge meet for sangria to talk about Melissa’s kids and how Joe can’t take having a daughter. Melissa continues talking about herself and asks Marge for help with envy (as Margaret has made a LOT of money and Melissa -according to Joe- only makes crumbs.) The conversation then goes towards Siggy and the two agree they are not fans of the Sig but will still go to her test retreat.

Back with Sigalit, Siggy and Michael are still not on the same page regarding her work schedule. Siggy is working on her perfect formula for her overnight retreat and Marge is skeptical as to why she was actually invited. The other ladies are packing and Tre is doing the impossible of getting luggage down the stairs in ridiculous heels. The NJ ladies are all going to be on the same bus which means the double D’s (Danielle & Dolores) will be on the same bus together. The ladies don’t know what they signed up for as Siggy posted a photo of her with a bow and arrow. They just hope they aren’t going to leave with a severe injury!

Siggy pairs up with a divorce lawyer and overall I thought a lot of the tips were helpful and insightful. I thought it was going well until Siggy obviously started taking digs at Margaret. It seemed to be going down the wrong path until Siggy course corrected and got to the root as to why the ‘soggy’ comment bothered her so much. Honestly I want to go to one of these events so I can learn how to do housewives makeup and get a professional profile pic!

Tre and Danielle step aside to discuss the Dolores and Danielle debacle. Here’s my take on this drama. I think Dolores said something that Danielle twisted into the comments about Teresa and money. I think it was a whole misunderstanding that’s being pumped up for drama and ratings.

Siggy and Margaret seem to be getting on fine; however the other ladies are confused on Siggy’s empowerment seminar. The ladies don’t understand how Siggy can say ‘know your worth’ but then get plastic surgery and focus on makeup/appearances. Personally I think it’s hilarious that Melissa and Tre don’t understand this as they are obsessed with makeup and have definitely had work done. I think Siggy is saying ‘know your worth’ as when you look better, you feel better.

Over dinner Siggy asks for feedback on the seminar. Melissa thinks it should be more about the inside vs. the outside (which once again, is hilarious coming from Melissa!) Tre gives some good feedback regarding the title of the seminar until Danielle hijacks the conversation by asking Dolores about the drug comments. Dolores thinks Danielle is a pathological liar (and from what we have seen, I kinda agree.) I think Danielle needs the Bravo paycheck and is trying to cement her place with the RHONJ Queen – Teresa Giudice.

As it’s an overnight retreat, the ladies are forced to stay together and discuss the events over a mimosa the next morning. Danielle then takes jabs at Siggy saying that her apology to Margaret was not sincere. The ladies move on to their next workshop and play a very dangerous game. They are forced to point out each others flaws and imitate them. I mean…in what universe would this go well?? Note to Siggy and Vikki – cut this exercise from your workshop! Margaret then does a Siggy impression and Siggy clearly does NOT find it funny.

Until next week housewives fans! From the previews it looks like we are getting back into Jersey season one with some bad behavior in the upcoming episodes!

Thoughts on Siggy’s retreat?

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