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Peggy Sulahian Says She Takes Responsibility for Her Actions – But Shannon Beador Needs to Stop Yelling!

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The newest housewife on the RHOC block hasn’t gotten a lot of love this season. To many fans, Peggy has come across as spoiled, confusing, odd and overall not a good fit for the OC bunch. She also seems to have picked fights with almost everyone, including her former friend Vicki as the two had a disagreement in Iceland.

In her Bravo Blog, Peggy attempted to justify her actions by stating that she has taken responsibility for her own; however others, such as Shannon, only added fuel to the fire:

‘it was an awkward evening at best. Tamra nailed it on the head when she said it was a “huge misunderstanding that spiraled out of control.” All I know is that I will apologize and take responsibility for my share of the misunderstanding, but Shannon…Shannon needs to stop yelling! All she says is “I’m done!” over and over and over again. Yet, she comes back and yells again.

In reality, my heart breaks for her. I feel apprehensive and am guarded when I speak to her because I don’t know how she’ll react or if she’ll even listen. Does she hear anyone else when they speak? Regardless, I apologized.

The end of this season comes with some closure, some hurt feelings, some reconciliation, and much to hope for in the future.’

Personally I think Peggy has been awful to Shannon this season. Playing dumb and asking Shannon “Do you trust your husband – has he ever lied to you in the past?” was the lowest of the lows. Then saying “I know nothing” proves that she knew exactly what she was doing. The whole Diko/David feud was laughable as it was obvious the two were trying to start drama (perhaps to cement their place on the show?) The last straw was at the finale party, where Peggy asks Shannon: “Are you okay?” I think Shannon overreacts 99% of the time, but if Peggy said that to me in that tone I would have gone off on her too. Overall, I didn’t think Peggy fit in with the rest of the girls and will be interested to see if Bravo agrees.

Thoughts on Peggy’s statements? Were you team Shannon or team Peggy this season?

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