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D’Andra Simmons Thinks It Was Unfair For Mark Deuber To Be At the RHOD Reunion; Plus Says Stephanie Hollman Is “Unable To Make Her Own Decisions”

The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion was a drama fest from start to finish but part one ended in controversy when LeeAnne Locken walked off stage after hearing that Cary Deuber’s husband Mark would be popping in for some time on the reunion couch.

Mark was the only husband invited to the reunion, unbeknownst to the other Housewives.  The well-known Dallas Plastic Surgeon showed up to have a showdown with his archenemies LeeAnne.

Ultimately, LeeAnne returned the reunion couch and survived her interaction with Mark unscathed.

However, some, including LeeAnne’s BFF D’Andra Simmons felt Mark’s presence at the reunion was unfair, which she dished all about in her Bravo blog.

But don’t worry Mark’s appearance wasn’t D’Andra’s only bone of contention. The RHOD newbie also broke down part 1 & 2 of the reunion and took aim at co-star Stephanie Hollman, who D’Andra says is “unable to make her own decisions.”

See what else D’Andra had to say below!

Part 1 of the reunion

During Part 1 of the Reunion, I did voice my opinion throughout, and most of the time specifically at Andy’s request that I give MY opinion on a topic. When I did speak, it was kind of like that old commercial for E.F. Hutton — people listened! 

When I said that Stephanie doesn’t have a boss bitch attitude like me, I meant that she is not very strong. My mom would call her weak. For some reason, she is confident and sassy in her confessionals, but in a one-on-one conversation, she avoids conflict. Case in point, LeeAnne dressing up as Two-Faced Stephanie and going to her Halloween party. If I were in Stephanie’s shoes, LeeAnne would have been out on the curb in a split second.

A boss bitch doesn’t need her husband’s approval to do things (but family decisions like buying a home should always be mutual, Travis). I was calling out the fact that, as many have noticed throughout the season, Stephanie is unable to make her own decisions. In fact, it seems throughout the season, Brandi and Cary have directed Stephanie as they see fit. I would not have needed my husband’s approval to kick LeeAnne out our house, but Stephanie apparently did. Why would I continue to entertain someone who is taking advantage of my kindness by making fun of me?

Travis talks down to Stephanie on a regular basis by throwing his “breadwinner” status in her face. And Stephanie may be getting back at her husband for purchasing a house without her approval by spending a lot of his money on renovations, but trust me, Travis is paying for a lot more than just a house, so this is one husband who is happy to oblige. I hope Stephanie gets tough and learns to NOT let people push her around. It’s great to be sweet but not so great to be gullible!

And speaking of husbands, I LOVED it when Andy was reading all the commentary about my husband, Jeremy! I am glad that everyone finds him as sexy as I do. He is one HOTT husband, and he has a heart of gold. It’s hard to find a mate with both. He’s the whole package, and he doesn’t let his looks or his fame as a photojournalist go to his head. He adores me, and I am very lucky to have found him. He brings me down to earth and grounds me when I need it. His looks are only outmatched by his kindness and fun-loving personality. Keep the comments coming! My #RealHottHusband is just that — MY husband. He is HOT, and he is REAL, and I love that about him. Luckily for America and the world, they get some reality EYE CANDY every now and then thanks to Jeremy Lock! Hahaha!

If you noticed in the honest tea episode when LeeAnne started on her tirade about her past and her upbringing, I jumped on the defense and told her to stop. This is not because I don’t believe her past or her “PTSD” is legitimate, but I know from watching Season 1 and now living out the last year that the more she brings that out as a reason for her bad behavior, the less the ladies respect her. LeeAnne has her issues from her past, and so do I. I’m proud that she’s been seeking help to work through them, but when she uses them to explain why she acts a certain way, the ladies see it as deflecting. In reality, it truly is the root cause of the behavior, but like the boy who cried wolf, the more she explains it that way, the less validity the ladies see in it. When I said that she uses her PTSD when it’s convenient, it was a little harsh — I will admit. I know she’s troubled by her past, but I believe her constant dwelling on it and her suffering harms her more than helps with this group.

To that end, it’s ridiculous to me that Cary, Brandi, and Stephanie keep pedaling this nonsense about feeling unsafe around LeeAnne. It’s stupid. LeeAnne is not a threat to anyone, and these girls are just perpetuating this story to continue to fight with LeeAnne and show her in a negative light. As someone who has known her for YEARS, I know that her hands are for flipping the bird and apparently LMAO “pie making” (which is so NOT true — she can’t cook!), not for strangling. This police report of a sandpaper-wielding Locken is just an envious woman’s sad attempt to hurt LeeAnne. Good job, Marie — thanks for giving more fuel for these girls to antagonize LeeAnne. Karma is a Bitch and not a Boss Bitch like me. You’ve got it coming to you! Let me say this: I feel safer with LeeAnne’s hands than with my back turned to some of these ladies…

Speaking of backstabbing, let’s discuss the conversation behind closed doors with LeeAnne and Brandi. Am I surprised that after the tape was checked Brandi had said nothing to spark LeeAnne’s “hands” monologue? Yes, I am. What I will say though YET AGAIN is that Brandi brought up Cary’s comments about LeeAnne’s doctor in the car ride to the procedure. When someone is on the way to surgery, you should never bring up a negative conversation, especially when LeeAnne was already freaking out about her procedure. When you add in prescribed drugs, the mind can be its own funhouse at the fair. What she said was not okay. Was it a threat of murder? HAHA, no. Was it inappropriate? Obviously, which I have said countless times, but I don’t blame LeeAnne for having a medically-induced outburst. Cary had been very condescending to her in regards to her impending medical procedure, attempting to discredit her doctor with her knowledge as a “medical professional” (please save my ears from having to hear that one more time as well as “my body is a temple”). All parties involved (Brandi, Cary, and LeeAnne) made mistakes and are at fault here.

And now we get to the real kicker of Part 1 of the reunion. Kameron Westcott, LeeAnne, and I had all been told that the reunion filming was closed. It was VERY shocking when Andy said that Mark would be joining us. As you could tell, Cary was SO distraught that she flew into a rage when I questioned why Mark was allowed to be there. Gotta love an adult temper tantrum! Mark’s entrance definitely upset our side of the couch. 

Of course, LeeAnne walked off. Was it fair for Cary to have Mark there? No, it wasn’t at all.

Part 2 of the reunion

It is so hard to believe that this season of The Real Housewives of Dallas and this experience have come to an end. After tonight, I am no longer a NEWBIE, though I never felt like one anyway in this group of women. While it has been an incredibly bumpy ride, filled with dildo-chasing, glass-throwing, RUMORS of knife-wielding, gavel-banging, and of course fictional storytelling, I am so thankful to have taken this plunge. I’ll be sad to say adieu. I must thank Bravo and Goodbye Pictures for the opportunity, plus the many supporting people behind the scenes that worked on this show and truly care about our lives and this franchise. Enough of my sappy side — you came to know my closing thoughts on part 2 of the reunion, and believe me, I’m going to give them to you!

I was very proud of LeeAnne for coming back to finish out the reunion, even with Mark being the only husband allowed on set to defend himself and his wife. LeeAnne and I are similar; we’re used to facing the music alone. We know it’s better to just get the discussion over with instead of letting it drag out, even if it means jumping into a pool of piranhas that are craving us for dinner! LeeAnne was the bigger person for coming back, especially when she knew she was going to be the target.

On a positive note, I found it comforting (that’s a stretch) that while Mark was at reunion, other issues were discussed besides JUST the drama between him and LeeAnne. When Cary and Mark said that their relationship is one built on sarcasm, I wasn’t sure how “I feel” or “I felt” about that. It’s not my experience in my marriage, and it didn’t make me feel any better about what I have seen of their marriage this year. Then again, I only saw a sliver of some of the things that happened in their home, just like everyone only saw a sliver of my relationship with Keatin. It isn’t my marriage, and everyone relates differently; it’s not my place to judge what makes other couples happy. I just think Mark puts a spell on Cary with his culinary skills, and she is blinded to what else is happening around her. If Jeremy could cook like Mark, that would be my excuse!

I’m generally not a sarcastic person, and sarcasm in any relationship runs the risk of crossing a line and hurting the other person’s feelings at some point. It also makes everyone else uncomfortable, as we don’t know whether Mark and Cary are joking or fighting…take the dinner scene with Kameron and Court as an example. It was painful to watch. I don’t like to be caught in the crossfire of couples in the midst of a clash.

When it comes to the subject of who can be friends with who, this issue is WAY ABOVE my pay grade! I don’t know if I have enough diplomatic experience to referee—I mean mediate this summit. The negotiation amongst this group of women will make the G-8 look stress-free!

Let’s attempt to break this down now, shall we? I need a stiff drink for this one! Somehow, the blame for Brandi accusing Cary and Mark of adultery has landed on LeeAnne—SURPRISE, SURPRISE— for “influencing” Brandi. Yes, noodle on that one for a bit. Confusing as _____ (insert word Momma Dee does not approve of). Stephanie and Cary both swear they are not insinuating that LeeAnne is the impetus behind Brandi throwing that low blow, but they also say that if Brandi hadn’t been close to LeeAnne, she wouldn’t have said it. That pretty much sounds like placing blame, now doesn’t it? This is obviously the case when Stephanie says, “You are who you hang out with.” Kameron and I both hang out with LeeAnne ALL THE TIME, and not once have we accused our friends of adultery or accused a friend of claiming their doctor killed a patient on the operating table. These things I just mentioned are all things that Brandi brought up on her own. Why is it that LeeAnne ALWAYS has to be held accountable for her actions, but Brandi and Cary are never held accountable for the things they say and do? That sounds like hypocrisy to me. Let’s own up to our words and mistakes now ladies — ALL of us!

When we finally got to the Round-Up conversation, I was expecting things to get REAL CRAZY, REAL FAST, but it went better than I expected. Luckily, most people’s tongues had been lassoed, so there wasn’t much shouting. Overall, people kept their cool, and I have to say that I am proud of all parties. Nothing was really resolved, though — astonishing, I know! I’m proud of LeeAnne for continuing to apologize for perpetuating this rumor about Mark, but I don’t feel it was enough for the Deubers. It is hard to move on from hurt feelings, but time and space can change one’s perspective. Hopefully, with time, we will be able to move forward.

As for moving forward, I believe we are pretty much stuck in a motionless and inevitable friendship vortex. We have been sucked into the black hole of UNFRIENDSHIP! If you were to ask me today, I would say that LeeAnne’s friendships with Cary and Brandi are over for good. I do not see a rekindling of love between these three ladies. My only hope and sincere request is that they are cordial and respect one another in public. The less reenactment of past events, the better.

When Brandi called me Jesus, I was thrilled beyond measure! This was my best reunion moment besides the ending. I couldn’t wait to tell my pastor and my mom! It was the BEST compliment I have EVER received. As we all know, I am continuously accused by Brandi, Stephanie, and Cary of making excuses for LeeAnne. Since you are reading this blog, I will assume you have actually WATCHED this season and know this to NOT be the case. In fact, I always call her out for her mistakes and missteps, because as her best friend, I need to be there to help direct her down a path of improvement, as I hope and pray that she would ALWAYS do for me.

If I were as close to the other ladies as I am to LeeAnne, and they were also making big mistakes that were affecting them reaching the important goals in their lives, I would absolutely and unequivocally do the same for them. Trust me: I am not shy about saying what I think and being truthful, even when it is difficult to do so. I much more want to do the right thing than be right in a situation.

LeeAnne made some big mistakes this season, but I truly believe that she has improved and will continue to make big strides toward becoming a healthier, happier, and less angry person. In fact, she and Stephanie are the only ones trying to actively and seriously seek help with their issues through counseling. I applaud both ladies for this.

I was humbled and honored that Andy believed in me enough to ask me to give a closing statement for the season. Even though I was caught off guard, I was delighted to be able to impart one last thought about all that has happened in our circle of friends. To be considered wise is the greatest compliment of all. In fact, in my early morning devotionals, I pray and always ask God, above all, and first and foremost to make me wise like King Solomon. He is considered the wisest man (other than Jesus) in the Bible.

I don’t know if I am the person whose opinion everyone will trust like Andy said, but I do believe these women know that I am fair and honest, which makes them not like me sometimes and love me at other times. I stand by what I said without a fault. We have all been through so much together this year as friends and frenemies!

I felt and still feel that even after all the animosity and hurt feelings we have experienced, I needed to end our season with a message of hope and encouragement. The road to recovering our friendships may seem the one less traveled right now, but I know that as one of the older women in our group, I have more life experiences to draw upon. One of the best ones that has proven itself to me over and over is the gift of time and space to reflect. Only then can we see things in a different light, try to move forward, learn from our past mistakes and experiences.

I’m not certain that these women are open to my guidance and advice, but I gave it freely, and they can do with it what they want. Those that know me always comment on the fact that I have a good heart; I truly want to help others and be the best person I can be. I am a softie under my tough exterior.  I don’t know if our group of friends will weather the season’s storms and be able to come back together because a lot has happened this season! It will take God Himself and a few angels to mend these relationships. But I’m hopeful, and I think I feel some wings growing on my back. Wink, wink! If called upon to play peacemaker, I’ll do my absolute best.

Thoughts on D’Andra’s blog? Do you think it was fair for Mark to be at the reunion? Is Stephanie unable to make her own decisions? Does D’Andra make excuses for LeeAnne?

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