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RHOC Recap – Candle Wicks and Lunatics!

We made it past Iceland – time to celebrate RHOC fans! What better way to celebrate? A candle party (because apparently The King Collection is really happening….)

We start out with Vicki, the president of the company, dealing with big picture items such as headsets. Vicki and her partner call her son Michael into the office as he is now a board member. The Coto name will live on! Vicki wants this company to be her legacy and it’s time to pass the baton on the only child that has taken interest in the business.

Over at Casa de Dodd its decided that Kelly’s mom needs a makeover. I think Kelly needs a job because she seems bored and is taking her boredom out on her mom. It’s obvious that Kelly and Michael are heading towards divorce (something we know now) as their relationship is bipolar with high highs and low lows.

Tamra is getting ready for daughter Sidney’s graduation. Yes, it’s emotional but once again Tamra: Sidney doesn’t want to be on RHOC! Why did you have to film this at all? Why are you crying about not being there to get ready and pick her dress out when you know she doesn’t want to be mentioned at all? She has spoken out so many times about this that it’s pointless to even ask these questions at this time…

It wouldn’t be a finale without a party and this one is in honor of The King Collection. In my opinion I think the party is going to cost more than The King Collection will ever make (just saying…)

While getting ready, we see the demise of the Dodd marriage. Michael has turned into a grumpy old man who doesn’t want to drive in a car with David Beador. The two end up carpooling together with their wives and it turns into the most awkward/dry car ride ever. Both clearly have issues in their marriage and both husbands seemed to have checked out. Divorce party of four anyone?

Over at the candle part, I have to agree with Vicki that it looks more like a wedding. How much revenue does The King Collection plan on making? Hopefully enough to cover this ridiculous candle party.

The party is awkward as Peggy hasn’t touched base with the ladies after Iceland. In addition, Vicki’s friend put out a story about Tamra after the trip and Tamra is done (for the 1,000th time.) Side note: Is that Heather McDonald I spy in the background at the candle party?

Miracles do happen and Shannon and Lydia appear to be friends now; however Lydia still shades Shannon in her talking heads.  Not everything can go smoothly as Kelly and Peggy haven’t made up and both have each other pegged. Kelly thinks Peggy is taken care of and spoiled and Peggy thinks Kelly needs to stop lashing out. Yes and yes ladies – at least you know each other! The two call a truce but I don’t think it’s enough to bring Peggy back for another season.

Diko and David try to stir up a bromance when Tamra steps in to apologize to him. Shannon gets pulled into it and Peggy accuses Shannon of lying. We get a flashback and I’m team Shannon here. Why does Peggy have such an issue giving a clear answer? She can’t keep using the second language as an excuse for much longer. Shannon may overreact to everything but Peggy can’t keep a story (or a sentence) straight.

The two end up awkwardly apologizing to each other but the same can’t be said for Michael and Kelly. The two have a one way ticket to divorcetown and Vicki gets caught in the middle. Kelly tells Vicki she can’t live like this anymore and revealed the two don’t have sex. The Dodds end up selling their house and divorcing which isn’t a shock to any of the housewives fans.

As for the rest of the wives? Meghan wants more children, and apparently Lydia does as as well (didn’t she insist that Doug get a vasectomy?) Shannon Beador has separated from David and Vicki would love to be married again. Peggy has a daughter in college and Tamra is still not speaking with her daughter.

Thoughts on this season of RHOC?

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