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Danielle Staub Shades Kim D, Jacqueline Laurita, Ashlee Holmes & More; Plus Denies Being the Villain During Season 1 & 2 of RHONJ

Danielle Staub has more enemies on the Real Housewives of New Jersey than I can count but despite her reputation, Danielle swears she’s not the villain that most fans think she is.

Recently, Danielle did a string of interviews where she spilled more RHONJ tea than ever thought possible.

Dying to know what Danielle had to say?

Well, let’s get to the good stuff.

It’s no secret that Danielle’s return to RHONJ has been talked about and discussed more than any other return in Housewives history. And while, many perhaps most, are very excited about Danielle’s return to RHONJ, it turns out that Danielle’s return to RHONJ could have happened much sooner if it weren’t for a choice few.

“I almost came back a few times, and it was the eleventh hour. I was scared,” Danielle revealed to The Daily Dish Podcast. “Caroline was still on the show. I gotta tell you something, I’m not violent. Inside I’m broken. When I was walking away from the reunion during Season 2, I looked so calm, cool, and collected. I come from abuse from when I was little all the way up. You just have a tendency that when you meet a bear in the woods, you don’t get intimated by it.”

While we know Danielle is thrilled that Jacqueline and Caroline are no longer on RHONJ, she reveals that Teresa Giudice is too. “I think she’s really grown as a person. Getting rid of those toxic people that she had in her life- they were feeding her a lot of arsenic, and she was getting sick from it. I think if she hadn’t been taken away from it the way she was, I think something maybe worse may have happened because those people are not good to be around.”

To make it clear “those toxic people” are “Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita,” Danielle explains. “They are toxic at the highest level of toxicity. It’s arsenic that they feed you. If they would have left Teresa and I alone, we would have had a beautiful relationship. They made her feel like she was the one who had to defend them.”

In fact, Danielle declares that Jacqueline is so toxic that they can never be friends again. “Jacqueline and I will never make up ever. I don’t want her anywhere around my life. She doesn’t have a genuine bone in her body. She’s toxic. The highest level of toxic,” Danielle explains.

Despite their current hatred for one another Danielle still insists that she and Jacqueline were once very good friends and that she did a lot to help out Jacqueline through the years.

“I spent every single solitary day with her for three years,” Danielle claims. “I was running to get CJ from school because she can’t drive for some reason. Thirteen cars and you can’t drive? She had anxiety, so I didn’t make fun of it. I did what I had to do. Ashlee [Holmes]– the one that pulled the hair out of my head- I drove her to school every day. She was afraid her mom would be mad at her so she would call me when she missed the bus, which was almost every day. I take my kids to private school, come back to Franklin Lakes on a corner, and grab her on a corner and take her. My kids are going to school at private school in an hour away in the other direction.”

When asked if it was “awkward fighting on camera” Danielle admitted, “I usually just take the fifth, sit back, and just keep repeating. I play the broken record. I learned that in psychology. ‘You did say it. You did say it. You did say it.’”

Speaking of the cameras, Danielle says the cast isn’t phased by the cameras at all, which isn’t odd for reality TV veterans. However, Danielle couldn’t resist throwing some shade and mentioned that the only time the cast is aware of the cameras is when newbies join the group or when a certain Kim is around.

“We’re not even aware of them anymore,” Danielle admitted during a PEOPLE TV’s Facebook Live segment called Fan Forum: Survivor. “The only time we’re aware of it is if there’s a new person, or an extra, i.e., their first initial is ‘K.’ The ‘extras’ when they get that red light special with that camera on them, they’re just gonna get their fifteen minutes. Well, we’ll give them thirty if they like it, but then you’re just still an extra, sweetheart.”

As for being considered a villain during season 1 and 2 of RHONJ Danielle says, “I love that I’m called a villain, but I actually wasn’t. I was trying to run for my life constantly.”

In contrast to her first two seasons of RHONJ, Danielle told the Whine With Kelly Podcast, “I’m not afraid to bring it now. That’s for sure.” 

In fact, Danielle claims a lot has changed since her first go-around on RHONJ.

“No one faced more scrutiny for their eyebrows than I did and they’re still saying lips,” Danielle admitted. “I’ve never had plastic surgery anywhere except for my boobs, and I had Botox- massive amounts of Botox. I love Botox.”

No one could forget Danielle’s “sick bubbie” from season 2 or Ashlee Holmes infamously calling out Danielle for having a “square tit.”

Since we are on the subject of Ashlee’s comment, Danielle has some choice words for her former foe.

“I didn’t just want a boob job. I had problems with my boobs. It was nice of Ashlee [Holmes] and them to make fun of that. I’m sure karma will be a real big bitch in their house. I’m just saying.”

So, let’s fast forward to the present time but stay on the subject of Danielle’s enemies. Currently, Danielle is feuding with Dolores Catania, who steered clear of drama since joining RHONJ during season 7.

Danielle and Dolores’ beef started after Dolores apparently warned Danielle that Teresa Giudice “only cares about money” which led to a major showdown.  As for their showdown, Danielle says “I was afraid of Dolores, I can’t lie. I really poked the bear. I did so in knowing that I was speaking the truth, so the worst that could happen is I’ll get yelled at for saying something that was said to me in private. I didn’t realize that I would be denied. Always remember, if I say something, I can back it up.”

Sticking on the subject of Dolores, Danielle also took aim at Dolores’ season 8 tagline during an interview with The Daily Dish Podcast.

“I think loyalty in the dictionary as opposed to what Dolores thinks, does not have her picture there. If it did, it would say her name and not a picture, unless you’re looking at a Pictionary. Just saying. I’m so glad I got that off my chest,”  Danielle said.

Aside from her dislike of Dolores’ tagline, Danielle admits that something Dolores said during the first episode of the season really offended her.

“I have Dolores saying ‘the ghost of Christmas past.’ Who says that? I thought that was so unnecessary,” Danielle complains.

As for the drama the rest of the season Danielle hints, “I’m going to pick it up and amp it up throughout the season. It’s fun, it’s invigorating, and I’m loving to see what these girls are going to say behind my back. That’s the best part, but that’s OK. I have a few things to say about them too.”

And that’s a wrap, folks.

Thoughts on Danielle’s comments and claims? Was Danielle the villain in season 1 & 2 of RHONJ? Is she still the villain? Will karma get Ashlee Holmes? Do you agree that Jacqueline and Caroline are toxic? Do you believe that Danielle was scared of Caroline?

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