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Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge Tackle Kelly Dodd’s Claims About Terry Dubrow

Kelly Dodd recently got herself into a bit a trouble during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen when she claimed that her former Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Dr. Terry Dubrow had killed patients.

With Terry being a very well-known plastic surgeon, Kelly’s comments weren’t exactly good for business.

While Kelly ultimately retracted her statements and raved about how great of a plastic surgeon Terry was the damage was already done.


Kelly’s retraction came after shortly after Bravo removed the clips of Kelly’s claims against Dr. Dubrow from their website. Just a coincidence, right?

Despite the drama, Terry and his wife Heather have stayed mum on Kelly’s comments until now.

Heather finally addressed Kelly’s comments on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, and brought in her good friend and former RHOC co-star Tamra Judge as back up.

First, Heather explained that she really doesn’t keep up with all her former co-stars and has tried to distance herself from the drama; claiming that she hardly ever responds to anything they say – good, bad, or ugly.

“We talked about the unfollowing thing, and if you watch my Instagram feed you know I see Tamra obviously, and we talk a lot. I guess they are filming the reunion this week. So I’ve really tried to distance myself from the show not to be obnoxious just because I felt like as you graduate college you don’t follow your sorority’s Twitter feed anymore. You don’t want to know where the party is on Saturday because you’ve moved on and it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing it means there’s a little bit of fomo that you’re missing out and you really don’t want to know what your missing out on because it will make you feel bad. And also you want to move on to whatever you’re doing next, so you don’t want to be living in the past,” Heather explains.

“So I really try not to follow. I don’t have myself on Google alerts, you know I turn off all those filters but every once in a while something will get through, or someone will tell me something. All I’ve been hearing for the past year is that Kelly gives interviews and says terrible things about me like the only reason she came back to the show was because I left and that I was fired and that I’m pretentious and disgusting and all these things. I’ve never responded because I don’t care what she thinks – I don’t. What’s weird is I’ll run into her at the gym, and she’s so nice to me. She came up to me at the gym like ‘How are you doing?’ – great, good, fantastic. Then I see the next article, ugh like whatever, but you know what she’s not in my world. I say hello I’ll always be polite. I read she’s going through a divorce or they are going to divorce or something, so that has to be very difficult – she has a child, whatever I don’t need to respond back to it,” she adds.

While Heather would rather stay about of the drama, she says Kelly’s recent comments about her husband crossed the line and forced her to engage.

“She was on Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last week and someone called me than people starting tweeting me. I didn’t see the show so she may or may not have spoken about me, but I’m not sure about that. But Andy asked her a question, maybe in a game or something, if you are about to be wheeled into an OR and you found out your doctor had killed someone would you still let them operate on you, that was the question. And she said, well Terry Dubrow’s killed people on the operating table and Andy said ‘what?!’ And she goes, oh yeah, Vicki told me, no it’s true, and she goes on and on. By the way NOT TRUE; he’s never had a death. God knows when he was a general surgeon, cracking chests open, who knows what happened there I’m sure they lost people but as a plastic surgeon thank god, no, that’s never happened. What’s sad is people don’t understand that’s why doctors always say this is surgery you need to go to a board-certified surgeon and not let’s say a dentist for your plastic surgery because it’s surgery and stuff happens. A lot of plastic surgeons have had deaths but thank god Terry’s never been in that situation. Terry’s a good doctor but even in the best of hands stuff happens,” Heather explains.

The former RHOC star then makes it crystal clear that Kelly’s allegations are entirely false.

“So it is categorically untrue. Just for the record, so everyone knows this has never happened,” Heather says. “But of course, this stupid woman saying such a dumb, inaccurate thing now has put this out there for people, and it’s being picked up by news media outlets and all kinds of things. And it’s just wrong.”

Heather then reveals that Kelly’s retraction statement only came after she and Terry complained to the RHOC production company, who then forced Kelly to release a retraction.

“Of course, we called Evolution, the production company that does Housewives and Botched, and they’re like ‘oh we will have print a retraction statement,'” Heather reveals.

However, Kelly’s retraction didn’t sit well with Heather, who slammed it saying, “That’s an apology? How about I’m sorry @DrDubrow? Where’s that?”

Finally Tamra calls in and does what she does best: stir the pot.

“How are you?” Heather asks while introducing Tamra to the podcast.

“I’m good,” Tamra responds as Heather is ready to get down to business, asking her, “So what happened? Are you going to tell me?”

“Alright so, yesterday she (Kelly) text me about something totally different and I said by the way not cool saying that Terry killed somebody on national TV. She says she misheard the question and that basically, Vicki said he’s a bad surgeon and that you (Heather) and her got into it and that you got into Vicki’s face on TV and it was never shown, and I’m thinking I don’t ever remember this happening,” Tamra claims.

Heather chimes in saying, “Never happened. Here’s the other thing it wasn’t a question. What they said was, he wasn’t talking about Terry or anyone, he said if you were being wheeled into an OR and you found out your doctor had killed someone would you still let them operate on you. And out of the blue, she goes well Terry Dubrow kills people on the operating table. Vicki told me it’s true.”

“I know it’s basically another one of Vicki’s stories I’m sure. I don’t know, but I think Kelly probably exaggerated a comment that Vicki told her. I’m giving Vicki the benefit of the doubt. But those are pretty strong words, pretty damn strong words to be saying but then again Vicki had no problem telling everyone Eddie was gay and he’s not. So, I wouldn’t put it past her,” Tamra added.

Once again, Heather reads Kelly’s “bullshit” retraction to Tamra and asks “Where’s the I’m sorry @DrDubrow that was horribly wrong of me, forgive me. Where’s that?”

“Exactly,” Tamra says in agreement. “What’s wrong with these girls that they think they can just spew shit out of their mouth that is absolutely not the truth?”

“Well this is the problem, and this is what I’m talking about,” Heather says, jumping in. “This is the problem with the reality show thing in general, and this is from my experience, you bring on people that will say anything and how can you a real relationship with someone like that because then you’re scared of them.”

“If I said hey Tamra’s a racist, right and you’re not but if I said ‘oh yeah you are, look you have no black friends. You’re a racist.’ And then all the sudden there’s going to be a fraction of people who think you are,” Heather points out.

“Well, yeah it’s the 50/50 roll. 50% of people are going to believe what comes out of someone’s mouth and 50% are going to call bullshit,” Tamra explains. “And it’s not fair. It’s called a reality show, the word real is in that. So you should not be coming up with these blatant lies and rumors. It hurts your character, and it’s slander.”

“The point of a reality show is it’s supposed to be a fun, peek into the curtain of someone else’s life. And when you are trying to negotiate with ridiculous people who have no basis of normalcy or decency how can you work with that?” Heather questions.

Tamra agrees and says that RHOC needs a facelift, then asks Heather when she’s coming back to the show.

“No, you can’t. And basically what I’m saying is the show needs an enema. So, I’m asking you when are you coming back? Tamra says.

Heather laughs off Tamra’s request and quickly changes the subject to the reunion. While Tamra isn’t too worried about the reunion, she’s not exactly thrilled about it either.

“Yeah I have it on Friday, and no I’m not excited. There’s not one ounce of me that’s excited,” Tamra reveals. “You know I don’t really have much to worry about it’s not like I did anything crazy or over the top, I’m just not looking forward to having that conversation with Vicki. When somebody is putting out blatant lies and going on TMZ saying that your husband is now bisexual and should come out of the closet, how do you argue with that?”

Heather encouraged Tamra while taking a dig at the other RHOC stars. “Listen, I think you should feel very comfortable sitting on the damn couch. Look around cause I think you’re the only one married.”

“Yeah exactly, Vicki’s not, Kelly’s not, but Meghan’s married, well they are all married except the two. But those two are the only ones that stand out in your mind,” Tamra joked.

Tamra and Heather wrapped things up by talking about what Tamra’s wearing to the reunion.

“It’s my 10th reunion, and I’m like I don’t care. I’m just going to pick a dress and wear it.” Tamra reveals, hinting that she wore a hot pink dress.

Before she let Tamra go, Heather urged Tamra to lay into Vicki on her behalf.

“I know you’re going to look gorgeous, and I wish you a lot of luck my friend. And feel free to throw into Vicki when you’re sitting there that she was also telling lies about my husband,” Heather urged.

“Oh, I know! I mean I’m secretly happy that was out even though it’s total slander, but no one believes it. Now it just gives me, like hello Vicki you have zero credibility now. Zero,” Tamra adds.

“I mean it’s just crazy, you just can’t do that to people,” Heather says. “And by the way, Eddie’s the greatest guy in the world. I mean leave him alone.”

“He loves you,” Tamra chimes in. “But he did tell me if I’m ever going to cheat on you it’s going to be with Heather Dubrow.”

“Excellent,” Heather jokes, “Well he knows where I live!”

“So, there you have it,” Heather says wrapping up the segment. “It was a non-apology. That’s just bullshit,” Heather says of Kelly’s tweet.

Heather’s assistant Natalie chimed in saying “I mean it’s as clear as that. You’re not going to get anything more from Kelly.”

“No, I know, but that’s the problem. I mean I didn’t want to put Tamra too much on the spot cause I know she has the reunion on Friday so she’s got to be careful, but the thing is how can you deal with someone who will just lie about you,” Heather says.

“Yeah, I know. My thing is I’m surprised the networks are okay with her, I get she makes good TV, but at some point when it’s all lies you’re putting everyone at stake here and their reputations and their brands and all of this. It’s crazy. She’s a liability,” Natalie points out.

Heather agrees with Natalie and says the only reason she’s engaging with Kelly now is because she’s not going to let anyone tell lies about Terry.

“You know I haven’t responded to anything about the show this year because like I said I was ready to move forward and didn’t want to live in that world and did want to engage on that level since I wasn’t apart of it anymore but when you go after my husband – I’m sorry. You can’t tell lies about my husband. By the way, we’ve been on reality shows for six years don’t you think if these things had happened they would’ve come up by now. It’s ridiculous,” Heather explains.

While Heather claims to be “done with the Kelly-thing” she still has a few more things to say and wonders why Kelly hasn’t personally reached out to her and Terry.

“But then she’s so nice to me. You what the really weird thing about her is though, honestly? And I’ve always said this there have been times I’ve hung out with her on the show and she was lovely, fun, nice. She’s got very nice taste, her daughter’s very nice, so when you hang out with that person, you see a glimmer of that person but then when they go do something like this. I mean how does she not even text me?” Heather ponders.

“It’s crazy then so who’s the real Kelly?” Natalie questions. “Right, that’s the question, that’s the scary part,” Heather wraps for good this time.

Thoughts on Heather’s and Tamra’s conversation? Was Kelly’s apology bullshit? Is Kelly a liability? Do you think Tamra will call out Vicki for lying about Terry at the reunion?

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