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Andy Cohen Spills The Tea on Kathy Griffin Feud! Plus, Where Did It Go Wrong?

And so it continues! In case you need a quick recap of the Andy Cohen/Kathy Griffin feud, click here.

This has been one of the most bizarre/dirty Bravo feuds out there – and it doesn’t even involve a housewife. Andy clearly was not happy with his former Bravolebrity and even though he tweeted his denial of the alleged coke incident – he wasn’t going to stop there.

On his SiriusXM radio show Andy Cohen Live, Andy promised to dish more in the future but did indulge our curiosity by giving us his side of things:

“We will have this conversation — you … me, and everyone who listens to Radio Andy, when the moment is right. I’m going to reserve an hour, okay? And we’re going to talk about it. And I’m going to spill the tea all over myself. But I’m not having it today. We will have it. Because I owe it to everybody who’s listening. And myself. I’m a truth teller, okay?”

The whole incident started when Andy pretended not to know Kathy when being captured by TMZ cameras. TMZ asked if he talked to Kathy about replacing her for the New Years Eve gig and Andy thought it would be easier to deny knowing her than answering the question. On this, Andy states he was trying to be funny (emphasis on ‘trying’:)

“Well, here is the deal. Usually with TMZ, you’re walking and you say your thing and you get in your car. Well, my driver parked on the second level of the parking lot. So we’re standing there all that time waiting for the elevator, and that’s why it kept going on and on. And I didn’t really know how to pivot in the conversation. Like, ‘What, what, I don’t know!’ So I failed my Mariah impression.”

Honestly I didn’t think the whole thing was a big deal and apparently Andy didn’t either as he added:

“So I didn’t land that ‘I don’t know her’ [joke]. But can I ask you a question? If you were a comedian and someone said ‘I don’t know you’ and it was obvious, like, aren’t there much more important things? How offensive is that in the galaxy?”

So why was this incident the straw that broke the camel’s back? Speaking to People Magazine and unnamed source dished on their rocky past, saying:

“Over the years, she disliked him but they weren’t in any ‘feud.’ I don’t think he had a problem with her. But she used to be the face of Bravo, and she realized he threatened that once he became more of a front-of-the-camera star.”

Kathy and Andy worked together as he oversaw multiple stand up specials along with her long running show My Life on the D-List.

In her rant, Kathy accused Andy of being misogynistic, which may stem from Kathy feeling that she wasn’t a priority at Bravo. The source went on to state:

“Kathy always felt like she was on the D-List, even at Bravo. Her show wasn’t given the support it needed, even when it won Emmys. She did like 18 comedy specials for Bravo and was never given recognition for that.”

A second source close continued. “The thing is, Bravo loved Kathy. Had her host the A-List Awards. Put her in the Summer by Bravo promos. She was a real fan of the talent and had an authentic voice for the brand.”

Kathy obviously has an issue with WWHL as she mentioned Andy was the only exec to give himself a talk show host. Kathy’s own late night talk show only lasted two seasons before getting cancelled which she was not happy about:

“It never found the audience, and Bravo was all-in on Watch What What Happens Live at the time. The two shows didn’t make sense together. Hers was taped once a week on Thursdays, he was airing five nights a week. There wasn’t room for both of them. Andy was the face of the network. He had better ratings. Even when [Bravo] moved her live at 11:30 following his show during season 2, she couldn’t retain the crowd. The show was uneven.”

Meanwhile, WWHL took off with A-List celebrities visiting the clubhouse and Andy becoming quite the celeb himself. The source added:

“She felt tossed aside after Kathy was canned, and it brought up the bigger problems with the network. I don’t want to say she was difficult to work with, but she was certainly assertive. … I respected that, but I doubt Andy did. She went on to do Fashion Police. Andy wasn’t really bothered by it all. He never thought they had drama.”

If things were bad before, they probably went even further south when Andy didn’t backup Kathy on her reasoning for leaving Fashion Police. You can see the WWHL moment with former buddy Anderson Cooper below. In the video, Andy basically calls BS on Kathy leaving Fashion Police due to it being a mean spirited show:

Perhaps the TMZ video was the last straw for Kathy; however Andy seemed just as surprised as the rest of us at what his little Mariah joke started.

Personally I’m a fan of both Andy Cohen & Kathy Griffin so I’m sad to hear that things have gotten so ugly between them. On the other hand, both Andy and Kathy LOVE celebrity gossip and publicity so perhaps they are both secretly enjoying this attention. Stay tuned to AllAboutTRH for future updates!

Whose side are you on? Do you think Kathy was right to go off on her former boss in the video?

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