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Kathy Griffin Slams Andy Cohen – Says He Offered Her Cocaine & is Misogynistic!

Well talk about a random feud I never saw coming!

I love myself some Andy Cohen but apparently not everyone does. Case in point? Former Bravo diva, Kathy Griffin!

It all started when Kathy was fired from her NYE gig due to the disturbing images of her holding up a severed head of President Trump. Kathy was replaced by the WWHL host and when asked about it, Andy coyly replied he didn’t know who Kathy was. Sure it was a diss; however apparently it set Kathy off in a way Andy never saw coming!

Kathy went on a bizarre 17 minute rant, firing off at her former boss Andy and even brining TMZ into the mix. If you haven’t seen the video you can watch it below:

Among the most shocking revelations in the video, Kathy claims that Andy allegedly offered her coke before appearing on WWHL:

“Both times I did the show, right before we went live, Andy Cohen privately asked me in an office if I wanted to do blow. I’ve never had a drink in my life. You guys know I’m no prude but I’m kind of like a straightedge, I thought he was kidding the first time.”

“I was hoping he was kidding, the second time I do the show, same thing. So once again we’re alone in an office and he’s like, ‘Wanna do some coke?’ And I’m thinking, ‘He’s serious!’ Trust me, he’s going to say he’s kidding and everything, no. He was asking me to do cocaine with him, that made me very uncomfortable.”

Andy responded via Twitter stating that he was shocked about Kathy’s claims and that they were 100% false:

Image Source: Twitter – Andy Cohen

Andy is also Kathy’s former boss while she starred in My Life on the D-List who she describes as a ‘miserable’ boss that secretly wanted to be her:

“The whole time I was working there, I didn’t know how Andy Cohen wanted to be me … I didn’t know Andy Cohen was on the red carpet, trying to be funny and asking questions on “I didn’t know when they ended The D List and I desperately wanted to do a talk show, Andy Cohen would be the first television executive in the history of television to give himself a talk show — which seems to get picked up every season.”

As for the original diss of Andy not knowing Kathy? Kathy clearly did NOT find it funny adding:

“Even when it’s on tape, there are doubters? He is NOT kidding w paps. Was my boss for 10 years. Treated me like a dog. Deeply misogynistic.”

Yikes – I hope Kathy understands that she is never going to work with Bravo again (or there many, many powerful connections.) These are some serious allegations; therefore I’m wondering if Kathy has damaging evidence up her sleeve or if she is just ranting….

She also went on to diss TMZ and Harvey Levin insinuating he was complicit in the Harvey Weinstien scandals. She then took it one step further by giving out his phone number and stated people like Harvey and Andy ‘take women down.’

This whole story is beyond crazy and you know AllAboutTRH will be following it. Stay tuned for updates!

What are your thoughts on this story? Who do you believe is telling the truth?

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