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Jim Edmonds Denies That Meghan King Edmonds Was His Mistress; Slams Kelly Dodd’s Claims As “Flat-Out Lies”

Jim Edmonds wants to make one thing crystal clear: don’t believe everything Kelly Dodd says.

Earlier this week, Kelly went on The Daily Pop and made claims that Jimmy had an affair with his now wife Meghan King Edmonds while he was married to his second wife.

Kelly’s shocking claims ultimately made there way back to Jim and Meghan, and now Jim is opening up about Kelly’s jaw-dropping allegation.

“I think it’s ridiculous first of all and second of all, we have a family and to sit there and say that [Meghan] was my mistress is beyond crazy,” Jim explained to E! News. “This is the first time I’ve ever said anything to anyone, but I just can’t deal with the bulls–t lies anymore.”

“I’m 100 percent sure she’s fully aware that she’s making up lies and the information she got was incorrect,” Jim added.

During her recent appearance on The Daily Pop Kelly also revealed that she’s no longer friends Meghan; calling her former friend “so boring.”

However, Jimmy doesn’t seem fazed by Kelly and Meghan’s crumbling friendship and says he’s sick of seeing Kelly lie about others to make herself look better.

“I just think that there should be repercussions for people who make up flat-out lies just to put themselves on TV because they have nothing better to say. I am tired of listening to Kelly’s lies,” Jim shared. “I’m tired of her trying to make herself look better at the expense of everyone else. I’m just trying to do the right thing and protect my wife and my family.”

“I’m not looking for publicity; I just can’t let my wife sit there and be killed and have to worry about this bullsh–t when she has a baby and all this IVF stuff going on,” Jim added.

Jim admits he hasn’t confronted Kelly about her allegations, but this topic is sure to come up at the RHOC reunion which was filmed last Friday.

In the end, Jim thinks Kelly should focus on herself and should be held accountable for her lies.

“Her relationship is completely a disaster. She’s filed for divorce and moved out and was having her own situations. I think she should worry about her own damn self,” Jim explained. “If you’re going to spread rumors about somebody, they better be true, or you should have to pay some consequences for spreading lies.”

I think it takes a lot for Jim to get involved in the drama, so it’s serious stuff that he’s doing an interview about Kelly’s claims. Jim is totally right that Kelly should have to pay consequences for her lies. Kelly is going to get herself into trouble after her claims against Jim/Meghan and Heather/Terry Dubrow.

Do you think Kelly lied? Do you think Kelly knew she was lying when she made the accusations against Meghan and Jim? Should there be repercussions for Kelly’s lies? Does Kelly make up lies to make herself look better?

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