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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Addresses Kathy Wakile Using the Hashtag #StandingStrong; Plus Reveals Why She Can’t Forgive Her Cousins

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile recently got caught using the hashtag #standingstrong in one of her Instagram posts about her new restaurant Pizza Love.

Friends Love @pizzalove_201 still #standingstrong

A post shared by Kathy Wakile (@kathywakile) on

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, #standingstrong happens to be the title of her estranged cousin Teresa Giudice’s latest book.

During an intimate event at the Kathedral Event Center in Hammonton, NJ, Teresa opened up about Kathy using the Standing Strong hashtag and why she can’t forgive her cousins.

Teresa called out Kathy and her husband Rich for opening up a pizza shop shortly after she, Melissa and Joe Gorga opened one.

“This week they opened up a pizzeria what a coinkydink we just opened up one,” Teresa explained.

Teresa then questioned Kathy’s motives for using the #stangingstrong hashtag.

“Everyone sent me a picture of Kathy using the hashtag Standing Strong, like why do you think she did that?” Teresa asked. “This is the kind of family I have. I would never do this.”

Despite their latest drama could Teresa ever forgive Kathy and Rich?

According to Teresa, no. Adding that she’s “done” with her cousins.

“With Kathy and Richie, I’m so done with them,” Teresa confesses. But Teresa calls Kathy’s actions over the last few years “sad” and explains why she can’t forgive her cousins.

“This is sad because my father only has one sister here everyone else is in Italy and Belgium. To me, family was the most important thing to keep together. I never thought fame and money would destroy my family, but it really did,” Teresa explains.

“I did forgive them a little bit because we made up on the show, but then they kept going still and I was like you know what I don’t need bad negative energy around me. I have strangers around me who became friends who would never do what my own family did to me,” Teresa adds.

“So I don’t want anyone to think oh she has no heart and she wouldn’t forgive her family. It’s not that, if your family did what mine did to me, you wouldn’t make up with them, well maybe you would, but I just don’t want that around me.”

However, Teresa explains that at what point she and Kathy were super close and then Kathy betrayed her by joining RHONJ behind her back.

“I used to tell Kathy everything that was going on the show and my brother and Melissa too because we would have Sunday dinners together all the time,” Teresa explains.

Then when Teresa found out, Kathy and Melissa joined RHONJ she was “so hurt.”

In fact, Teresa calls Kathy and Rich’s actions in particular “absolutely disgraceful.”

“Kathy and Richie were at my house all the time…wined and dined…all the time. They were at my shore house all the time, on my boat – we had a big boat – they were with us all the time. And then for them to do what they did to me is absolutely disgraceful.”

I loved how candid Teresa was about her issues with Kathy. It’s clear Teresa is still hurt over Kathy’s actions. It turns out blood ain’t thicker than water.

Thoughts on Teresa’s comments? Why do you think Kathy used the hashtag #standingstrong? Are Kathy and Rich’s actions “absolutely disgraceful?”

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