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Meghan Edmonds Admits She and Jimmy Aren’t on the Same Page Regarding Their Family!

Marriages aren’t going well in the OC. The Dodds are divorcing, Shannon’s marriage is quickly going downhill and Kelly insinuated some pretty nasty things about Jimmy and Meghan Edmonds. Meghan is now speaking out; however her statements aren’t exactly showing a strong foundation for her already gossiped about marriage.

Speaking out to ET, Meghan states:

“I’m so obsessed with motherhood. It’s all consuming. It’s all you do. That’s all you care about. Everything else is just peripheral.”

Sweet statement; however Meghan didn’t stop there. Before baby Aspen, Meghan was already asking Jimmy for more children stating:

“Jimmy was like, ‘Oh, yeah. Well, wait ‘til you have one,’ and now I have one and I’m like, ‘OK, can we have, like, four more?’ He’s like, ‘Oh my god, you weren’t supposed to say that!’ So I’m, like, really working on No. 2.”

Is it just me or do these two rarely ever seem to be on the same page? Jimmy comes off as cold and distant and seemed far removed during her entire pregnancy. I’m not surprised these two aren’t on the same page regarding more children.

That doesn’t seem to bother Meghan as she clearly has ‘baby, baby, baby’ on the mind:

“I did natural labor, no drugs. It’s like, oh, OK, now I have this cool baby I’m obsessed with. I’ll do it again. I’ll do it 10 more times. If that’s what I have to do to get this, it’s worth it.”

Even though she loves being a new mom it’s not a cakewalk as Meghan added:

“Aspen was, like, three months old when filming started and at that point, I was like, ‘Oh my god! Get me out of the house. I need to be back in with my friends. I thought I was going to be this, like, stay-at-home mom and give up [my businesses], everything … it’s been a balancing act, but I’m so glad I went back to everything.”

Thoughts on Meghan’s interview?

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