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Dolores Catania Denies Being Disloyal to Teresa Giudice While Trashing Newbie Margaret Josephs!

Dolores Catania is not going to sit back and watch her BFF Siggy Flicker get maligned by RHONJ newbie Margaret Josephs.

In a new interview, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star slams Margaret for her treatment of Siggy and says Margaret should have never gotten involved in Siggy’s cake drama with Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice.

“I don’t like what you did whether Siggy is my friend or not,” Dolores explained about Margaret. “You don’t have to be loyal to her, but I don’t like you jumping into a fight and going against her when it has nothing to do with you.”

Warning Margaret, “Stay the f**k out of it. It wasn’t your fight; it wasn’t my fight. Stay out of it!”

Meanwhile, Dolores defends getting involved in Siggy, Melissa, and Teresa’s fight; claiming she only got involved when Margaret attacked Siggy.

“I wasn’t turning against Teresa [Giudice] or Melissa [Gorga],” Dolores revealed. “I never said a word when Siggy and Teresa and Melissa were fighting. I told Siggy to calm down. As long as no one touches each other, I stay out of it when it’s amongst friends. But when Margaret starts yelling at Siggy across the table and calling her names and Melissa and Teresa allow it, how can I let all these people gang up on Siggy?”

In fact, Dolores claims Margaret only got involved in the fight to kiss Melissa’s ass.

“I don’t know where it comes that I’ve turned against Teresa. Margaret jumps down Siggy’s throat because she has a problem of her being friends with Kim D. she’s trying to kiss Melissa’s a** and turn against a person she’s never met before.”

Dolores then questions Margaret’s character saying, “I don’t know Margaret from nobody. For her to come into my group of friends and jump into a fight that even I would stay out of? Who is she? She doesn’t have the same family values and principles that we all came from.”

As for the rest of season 8, Dolores says Margaret is the cause for every fight.

“Margaret was behind every fight. Everything was escalated because of Margaret. I’ve been around long enough to know that a lot of the things that went on against Siggy would not have gone on if Margaret wasn’t there.”

Dolores wraps by calling Margaret’s behavior “mean girl 101.”

If Margaret caused every fight, then the cast should be thankful to her because then there would be no drama and the season would have sucked. Margaret and Siggy’s feud gets uglier and uglier by the day. Honestly, it’s too much at times. I knew things were bad between them, but I didn’t think it would get this ugly.

Thoughts on Dolores’ interview? Do you think Siggy was ganged up on? Is Margaret being painted the villain?

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