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Was Cary Deuber Really Mark Deuber’s Family’s Nanny?

One of the most shocking claims from last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas was that Cary Deuber had an affair with her now-husband Mark while she was the nanny for his family.

So, did Cary have an affair with Mark while he was married to his first wife?

The RHOD couple tackled this rumor during a recent appearance on The Daily Dish podcast.

“I wasn’t the nanny. I babysat the kids probably a handful of times when Mark and his ex-wife were in Europe together,” explained Cary.

Cary went on to say that when surgeons are on vacation, the nurses don’t work either, so she claims it was natural for her to offer to babysit Mark’s kids.

“I had nothing to do for the weeks that he is in St. Tropez or in Switzerland, and so I would graciously actually watch his kids, take them to school, pick them up, and feed them while he and his ex-wife were out of the country,” continued Cary.

Mark chimed in that Cary babysat for another surgeon friend who suggested Mark ask Cary for help watching his kids.

“She had babysat one of their kids, and they’re like, ‘Hey she could watch your kids. She’s watched ours, and she’s great; she’s trustworthy.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, that makes perfect sense.’ And the kids loved her,” said Mark.

“These are respected surgeons in our community. They wanted someone they could trust, and they know they could trust me,” Cary added.

However, the RHOD couple doesn’t care if you believe them or not and say the rumors about their relationship don’t phase them.

“I mean, if you want to believe we had an affair, believe it. Go ahead. We didn’t, but go ahead and believe it. It doesn’t hurt us either way,” said Mark.

I’d like to give Cary and Mark the benefit of the doubt and believe them. It seems fishy but in the end who really cares how they got together. Honestly, Cary is quickly becoming one of my favorite Dallas Housewives.

Do you think Cary and Mark had an affair while he was still married?

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