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Danielle Staub Questions Dolores Catania’s Loyalty; Plus Slams Dolores and Siggy’s Treatment of Margaret Josephs!

The drama is intensifying on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and while Danielle Staub has yet to be directly involved in any of the drama, she still has plenty to say about what’s been going down.

In her Bravo blog, Danielle recaps the shenanigans of episode 3 but takes particular aim at Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania.

Collectively, Danielle slams Siggy and Dolores’ treatment of Margaret Joseph, while questioning Dolores’ loyalty to Teresa Giudice.

Find out what else Danielle had to say below!

Hello Everyone! Wow, what a week. I can’t even tell you what it was like to have a ringside seat to this one, but I will try…here it goes!

Things were broken, relationships challenged, and words flying everywhere!


Moving your dad in was so sweet and kind of you. I know he’s your daddy and your world, but in my book this takes you “up a notch” by stepping in and making your home into your dad’s home. The fact that you considered his comfort by moving all his furniture in was remarkable. You are an amazing daughter! I am certain your mommy is looking on with the greatest joy and pride. 

No one can argue that you are an incredible friend and an inspiring woman, because no matter how busy you are with a #6 best seller and the long list of things you achieve during your day running a household and solo parenting, you make time for everyone. Not many are able to say that. Teresa, you hold your head high because what a blessing you bring to us all with your honesty. I am so proud of you and even prouder to call you my friend!

Your facial expressions during your one-on-one lunch with Siggy were priceless!


You and your Joey are so sweet together! Seeing your husband so upset over the death of his mom (your mother-in-law) is heartbreaking, to say the least, but the way in which you are there for your husband is gorgeous! I love the family dynamic between you, and I believe you are a very supportive, wonderful wife and friend to Joe.

You should be so proud of yourself. Envy is very successful, and it shows your heart! You put your blood, sweat, and tears into it (literally)! You are a real boss lady. Others tried to interfere with your destiny, but they only gave you the DRIVE you needed to show yourself and the world how very powerful you are. 


JOAN RIVERS! Are you the funniest or what? You are right. “Your timing is impeccable!”

Your party was so much fun, and now I see what you were dealing with prior to guests arriving. That was impressive, yet like a comedy. Joe, fix the ovens! I heated up french fries in the oven. OMG then the popcorn and peanut butter in the open cabinet, etc…you are definitely funny!

Seriously your mom, though! She’s likely the source of your snarky side. I love seeing your relationship with her. Marge Sr. won me over with her shoes…LOVE!

Your girls in the office are the cutest! Let’s be honest: Who wouldn’t be smiling with that sweet baby there! 

Let’s discuss breakfast with Siggy. You admitted you are snarky and that you are quick etc etc and when Siggy started to cry, you felt terrible, you were apologetic, and it seemed you both came full circle by talking through it. But let me say this: The way she spoke to you was unfu–ing acceptable!

I think Melissa said it best: “You are fabulousity.” 


About Margaret…I met you years ago, Siggy, and I thought you were so nice, and you seemed to have a genuine desire to help heal relationships. You intrigued me all those years ago. So it was painful for me to watch you tear at Margaret like you did, even when she reminded you that this wasn’t mirroring your message of empowering other women! I was shocked at your response…to say the least. Let’s be peaceful!


Joe was asking Teresa and Melissa about you and if you had their backs, but after hearing the disappointment in his voice when he questioned your ‘loyalty,” I decided to take your advice. I looked up “loyal” in the dictionary, and I failed to see your picture or any resemblance of you. I get you wanting to have Siggy’s back “5,000%.” You are her friend, and it’s obvious you mean a great deal to one another; however, Margaret is a wonderful person with a kind heart. We all see this. Even you must have seen it when Siggy began to cry and Margaret was compassionate and kind. But why didn’t Siggy reciprocate by showing compassion towards Margaret?  That whole exchange made me sad!

Sending love and hugs to all of you who keep us in your homes by following our lives on Bravo.

Until next week and always…

Love and Light 


Thoughts on Danielle’s blog? Do you think Dolores is loyal to Teresa? Have Dolores and Siggy treated Margaret unfairly?

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