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AllAboutTRH Exclusive! Siggy Flicker Reveals What Really Happened with Margaret Josephs!

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We’re only two episodes into RHONJ and already the drama is epic! Things have been heating up on the cast trip to Boca and #cakegate is just the beginning. Siggy Flicker & newbie Margaret Josephs have been going head to head, and AllAboutTRH exclusively spoke with the brunette beauty to get the inside scoop on what you didn’t see!

The two seemed to get off to a great start with Siggy even bringing Margaret into the group. We caught up with Siggy and had to ask – where did it start to go wrong? Never one to be shy, Siggy spilled the tea and didn’t hold back. Check out our interview below and let us know what you think!

‘The turning point between Margaret and I was when she took a jab at Michael. You don’t go near Michael Campanella.

Where you saw me spill the wine – what you didn’t see – is me telling the girls, ‘I am married to the greatest guy and I want to find a balance here.’ Right away Margaret said he sounded controlling – and I’m like, ‘You’ve never met him before!’ They don’t show Dolores’ response which was ‘Siggy, Michael is not asking you to quit your job and is just asking for a compromise. You’re married to a good man.”

‘You didn’t see that part. Margaret then brought up her ‘looking up the word ‘man’ in the dictionary comment.’ After awhile, I spilled a glass of wine on the table which was stupid of me, but I was angry and wanted it to end. By the time the cake was thrown I was already so upset that this person I invited and introduced was taking jabs at me.’

‘The next day she then went to my beach club and did a memorial for Teresa. She had time to get the wreath made at the flower shop. She could have called and told us. By the end I had enough.’

On how the two powerful women met:

‘Margaret was the friend of a mutual friend and I welcomed her with open arms. I invited her to Boca and Boca is a place where I go to every month. It’s where Joshua and Sophie were born and where I have all my mommy and me friends. Us walking into that restaurant, I wanted to say hi. Am I loud and over the top? Yes. Am I annoying? Yes – I own it! I was just there 3 days ago and I did the same thing – it’s my favorite restaurant. Margaret started to give her snarky remarks right away. I welcome her and introduce her to a group of girls and that’s the way you treat me?’

On clearing up some comments made on the show:

‘When I said I was the most talented person in the world I meant in terms of building people up inspiring them. The statement was made to be tongue in cheek. With the IQ statement, I put a beautiful day together at my friend Lori’s house and we hired all of these instructors. I put a lot of effort into this trip. By the end, I thought I was disrespected. I didn’t say they were trash I said they were acting like trash. I have no idea if my IQ is higher than theirs, but when you are frustrated and hurt you say things.’

Her advice from what she has learned this season?

‘When People show you who they are – trust them the first time.’

Personally I think this season of Jersey is the best it has been in years and we are just getting started. Be sure to tune in tonight for episode 3 of RHONJ then come back to AllAboutTRH to discuss!

What were your first impressions of Margaret? Thoughts on what Siggy had to say?

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