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RHONJ Recap: Margaret Josephs Bites The Hand That Fed Her While Boca Trip Goes Downhill Over Cakegate

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back and the drama continues over the cakegate scandal. Teresa and Melissa playfully throw a beautiful cake at each other that Siggy had made for Melissa’s birthday. The ladies are clearly all drunk celebrating Melissa’s birthday but Siggy is not having it. She is traumatized that the girls would be so disrespectful and throw a cake on the ground at a public place. Siggy’s super passionate about Boca and seems to know everyone there so she’s upset that she brought the ladies to town and in return they embarrass her. Siggy complains and starts name calling while the ladies look at her like she is c-r-a-z-y. I get it – Siggy did make a beautiful cake but it happened and it’s done with. Clearly all the women get super emotional when drunk.

Dolores ex-husband/BFF Frank who is living with Dolores is also driving their son Frankie crazy. On the season premiere we found out that Frankie forgot to submit papers to enroll in college and Frank is not happy with his son or okay with how his son is slacking. You could tell Frank is super hard on Frankie but I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Back at Boca – the ladies go to Yoga with the exception of Dolores and Siggy. No one is happy with how Siggy “lost her sh*t.” Margaret feels like Siggy went too far and owes the group an apology. Being that this is Margaret’s first season (and her first time with the ladies) – I don’t think anyone owes her anything..

Siggy and Dolores head over to Raw Juice. Siggy can’t get over that she put her heart and soul into a cake and that her friends embarrassed her. She explains that it’s not okay that her friends would do that and they were out of line. Dolores says they aren’t disrespecting her and that’s just how they are so Siggy shouldn’t take it personal. I do appreciate that Dolores tries to remain neutral and not take everything so seriously while addressing everyone’s feelings.

While Teresa, Danielle, Melissa, and Margaret are doing Yoga – Margaret surprises the ladies with a wreath that pays tribute to each of their loved ones who have passed away. She asks all the ladies to talk about a loved one that passed in a memorial that brings tears to everyone’s eyes. It’s hard for Teresa to speak. Teresa and her mother were so incredibly close and Teresa is in pain but pushes through with a beautiful tribute. Teresa thanks Margaret for organizing the memorial and I have to agree – it was extremely thoughtful for Margaret to coordinate. Teresa says that she appreciated the memorial and that it meant the world to her to celebrate her mother’s life.

Back at the Giudice’s home – we see Grandpa Gorga taking care of the girls while Joe Gorga makes a visit for dinner. It was so beautiful seeing Grandpa Gorga in much better spirit with all his grandchildren – as Joe Gorga states, those grandchildren are his life.

Everyone is finally altogether in Boca on their way to Siggy’s friend Lori’s home. Siggy is expecting an apology but no one is budging. The tension is thick and no one’s addressing cakegate so the car ride couldn’t be any more awkward. Before the girls walk into Siggy’s friend’s home – Siggy tells them she expects them to be on their best behavior and no one is happy by her approach. I do think it was awkward of Siggy to do because she has now made the girls feel like they are little children when they are all grown women. Siggy’s friend Lori’s house is GORGEOUS. While everyone is sitting around Danielle talks about what a beautiful day they had with Margaret conducting a memorial. Dolores and Siggy are upset that they would not be invited to this or told about it as they would want to be there for Teresa. Siggy was the one who invited Margaret so I do think it was wrong for Margaret not to let Siggy and Dolores what she had planned. In Dolores and Siggy’s eyes they just thought the girls were going to Yoga and coming back.

Had Dolores and Siggy knew that this memorial would be happening – I can bet you they both would be there in a heartbeat? I thought this was shady on Margaret’s end and THIS is a real reason to get upset. Siggy can’t seem to have a good time because of all of the tension. Dolores isn’t happy – at this point she feels like Margaret was going out of her way to be shady by not telling them about the tribute. Think about it: you get invited to a girls trip and coordinate something super special but don’t loop the person who invited you and put this together? Not a good look, Margaret.

Teresa can’t swim but in comes this gorgeous lifeguard who is looking to teach Teresa a thing or two. I thought this was great because this is the first time we see Teresa laughing and just having fun. She has had so much happen and you could tell she was enjoying herself. Siggy on the other hand is not having a good time – she vents to her friend Lori who agrees that she should be angry. While Margaret and Dolores are back at the tennis court – Margaret addresses what happened with cakegate and lets Dolores know that Siggy was out of line. Dolores is taken aback that Margaret is saying anything being that Siggy is the one who brought her in. It is odd that Margaret who was introduced to by Siggy is quick to judge her and tell the other girls who she just met her problem with Siggy. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, Margaret!

Siggy hosts a dinner and the tension is just as worse than it was on the way to Lori’s house. Siggy finally breaks the ice and says she expected an apology from the ladies in the morning which shocks them. Melissa and Teresa are appalled that Siggy would want an apology when she said so many derogatory things. Siggy denies that she said most of the things she was accused of which she really did say. Margaret has clearly picked sides and she’s holding tight to Melissa and Teresa and calls Siggy a name. Melissa is telling Siggy that she is talking down to the girls but Siggy denies. Margaret is being the most outspoken. I do think Siggy is making this a much bigger deal and this could all be avoided but things keep getting worse and more keeps being said. Siggy has now said the girls act like trash and Danielle lets Siggy know she is not okay with that. Melissa is furious and has had enough – she doesn’t want to be around someone who feels she is trash. Teresa follows and so do Danielle and Margaret. I’m not quite sure why Margaret had left or why she is following Teresa and Melissa. Again, SIGGY brought her into the group. Dolores stays back with Siggy and believes that things have drastically changed now that Danielle and Margaret have joined the group! I do think Siggy was wrong for all the name-calling and had she not have done that I bet the ladies would have apologized…Until next week…

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Do you feel like Margaret was hard on Siggy? Did Siggy go too far? Who’s side are you on?

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