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Are Bella and Gigi Hadid Livid Over Yolanda’s Tell-All Book?!?!

After a long six-year battle with Lyme disease, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Hadid is finally on the mend.

To commemorate her newfound health, Yolanda has penned a memoir detailing her health struggles and the ups and downs of her private life.

However, not everyone in her life is happy about her new memoir.

Sources reveal to OK! Magazine that Yolanda’s supermodel daughters Gigi and Bella Hadid are not happy with Yolanda’s latest endeavor.

Gigi and Bella are said to be livid and “infuriated” over the intense details in Yolanda’s memoir, particularly the portrayal of their former stepfather David Foster.

“The girls don’t understand why their mom would air all the family’s dirty laundry,” dishes a source. “Yolanda is sharing details of her marriage that her kids didn’t even know about and they feel heartbroken and embarrassed.”

In, Believe Me, Yolanda plays the blame game reveals that her battle with Lyme disease caused the breakdown of her four-year marriage.

Despite David’s initial support, David began to pull away from Yolanda in 2014 and refused to join her on her medical trips.

In 2015, David reportedly told Yolanda your “sick card is up” and ended their marriage by saying, “I can’t-do this anymore.”

Still, Gigi and Bella are having trouble seeing David painted as such a bad guy – especially Gigi.

“Gigi is still very close to David and sees him as one of her biggest supporters,” explains the source. “She can’t just forget how good he’s been to her over the years and that’s why she’s not ready to turn on him, even though Yolanda is guilt-tripping her over it.”

Meanwhile, Bella isn’t exactly entirely team Yolanda despite the fact that she doesn’t spend much time with David anymore.

“Bella just wishes her mom get on with her life and leave the past in the past,” explains the source. “She doesn’t understand why Yolanda is dwelling on the negative when she’s in a good place now. Why write something so toxic – for publicity?”

Due to their strong feelings, Bella and Gigi haven’t been thrilled to help promote their mom’s book. Initially, the girls were very supportive about Yolanda’s book and promoted it on social media before they knew all the details. But upon its release on September 12, they only made a quick appearance at their mom’s New York City signing.

“Gigi and Bella are avoiding Yolanda’s calls, which has her worked up,” says the insider. “She’s always had their backs and is shocked they’re not being more supportive given everything she’s been through. She wrote this memoir to help her move past her problems, and instead, it’s just left her with another mess.”

I think Gigi and Bella support Yolanda no matter what but I can see where they might feel awkward promoting a book that bashes people they are still close to. Hopefully, this is just nonsense, and there’s no drama between Yoland and her daughters.

Do you think Gigi and Bella are upset with Yolanda over her tell-all book?

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