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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Talks Joe Giudice’s Response Of Her New Memoir; Calls Season 8 Emotional And Says She And Danielle Staub Are In A Good Spot

Real Housewives of New Jersey star shocked fans with how opened she was regarding her marriage to Joe Giudice in her new memoir, ‘Standing Strong.’ Teresa has been through a lot in most recent years starting off with leaving for nearly a year to prison for conspiracy and bankruptcy, losing her mother, and losing her husband who is currently serving time behind bars until mid 2019.

AllAboutTRH recently had the opportunity to speak with Teresa to see how she’s holding up, how she’s been able to open up and be vulnerable in her latest memoir, and we get all the rumors cleared about her relationship with her co-stars.

AllAboutTRH: Everyone’s pretty surprised with how open you’ve been in your new memoir, Standing Strong. Were you nervous how people were going to react to you being vulnerable?
Teresa Giudice: No I wasn’t. I have real feelings. And it’s okay to have real feelings. What made me be open about the struggles going on is losing my mother. Losing her just made me open up and I felt bad for my girls who didn’t have me in their life for a period of time.

How has Joe Giudice responded to your latest memoir where you talk about your frustration with him?
I was honest and told him that I opened up and how I’ve felt about everything. He was fine with it. And it was just very therapeutic for me. Now I feel a lot better. He has yet to read it but I will give him a copy. Hopefully when he comes homes things become better and stronger for the two of us.

Would you consider ever doing a spinoff show?
If it was the right timing and the right kind of spin off – I would. Maybe if I was to open up a restaurant and we filmed the journey of that or even touring restaurants! I am a foodie so that would be fun. Honestly, my kids don’t enjoy being on the show. The two little ones Milania and Audriana like it but Gabriella and Gia don’t like all the cameras so I wouldn’t do a spinoff where it focused on my family. If I did something – it would be just me on my own.

>Danielle Staub has claimed that your relationship with her is perfect now that she’s back on New Jersey. You two have had a history so how were you able to move forward with her?
We knew Danielle was going to possibly be on the season and there were people who refused to film with her if she came back. She was out of a job and a single mother and I wanted her to know that I could relate to her and cleared the air that I never said I wouldn’t film with her.

We’re really getting to know each other and it’s been good. Before she had people in her ear and I had people in my ear so we weren’t able to really get to know each other and now we’re building on our relationship.

Have you spoken to Jacqueline Laurita since she left the show?
No and I don’t plan on it.

Which one of your co-stars has been the most kind?
Siggy – I have a strong relationship with her.

How has your relationship been with your sister-in-law Melissa?
I am all about family. I want to keep the peace and I thank God we are on good terms. It was really hard for my family when we were all fighting. No parents want to see their children fight and it was terrible for our own children who were in the middle of it. Everything’s been great between us and we plan to keep it that way.

Teresa and Joe celebrating their father’s 74th birthday last month

How would you describe this season?
Emotional. This season was very emotional for me. When I first start out – I had just lost my mother and was completely devastated. My mother and I were so close and everyone knew that. I am so grateful for my girls because if it wasn’t for them helping me get through it – I would have crumbled. Filming also kept my mind busy but after we stopped filming, I was so upset because I had more time to think and it wasn’t good. Now I have my dad living with me and of course I feel sad for him. It’s been hard for all of us. I am thankful that I have my family helping me through this.

Teresa has been through hell and back and continues to push through and stand strong. Thoughts on what Teresa had to say? Were you surprised by how open she was in her latest memoir?

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