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Tamra Judge Reacts to Former Friend Ricky’s Accusations About Eddie; Plus Vicki Gunvalson Defends Ricky Says He Has No Reason To Lie!

During last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge was betrayed by not one but two of her former best friends.

Tamra’s former best friends Vicki Gunvalson and Ricky Santana teamed up with Kelly Dodd, Gretchen Rossi, and Lizzie Rovsek to spread more lies and rumors about her husband Eddie’s sexuality.

However, it was Ricky claims that really took the cake. Ricky, who was Tamra’s best man in her wedding to Eddie, claimed that he once saw Eddie make-out with a man.

Tamra’s OC co-star Meghan King-Edmonds called out Ricky’s “fishy” comments and hinted that Ricky might have ulterior motives.

As expected Tamra responded on Twitter saying,“Right! His attempt last night was confirmation that I did the right thing by getting him out of my life. He’s with the right people now.”

Meanwhile, following last Monday’s episode, Tamra pointed the finger at both Ricky and Vicki in a scathing Instagram post.

“How staged and wrong was that? The worst acting I’ve ever seen. They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it’s okay to try and out a straight man hoping to humiliate him,” Tamra wrote. “Well guess what it didn’t work! It’s not the 1920’s and being gay is not something to be ashamed of or mocked. You should all be ashamed of yourself. Vicki was 100% behind this, and I hope she loses her job just like Phaedra [Parks].”

In her Bravo blog, Vicki defended herself and Ricky; claiming that Ricky has “no reason to lie” and that she has “no desire to hurt” Tamra or Eddie.

“It was fun for me to have Jeana Keough, Lizzie, Gretchen, Slade and Ricky at my party. I met Ricky years ago through Tamra, and as you witnessed in this episode, Ricky was Tamra and Eddie’s best man. We both saw the love Eddie has for Tamra and the love she has for him when they got married, and I have no desire to hurt either one of them. This “rumor” about Eddie has been circling around for years, and personally, I don’t care either way because it doesn’t affect me. As I mentioned last week, I don’t care about his past; I don’t care if he is gay or bisexual or not. I like Eddie; he seems like a great guy and the fact that he and Tamra love each other is all that matters. The question I have is why can’t Tamra handle this topic of conversation like a mature adult?” Vicki wrote.

She continued, “I invited Ricky because Gretchen said he heard about my party and wanted to come. That was it. There was NO ulterior motive, no setup, no preplanning of anything. The party was for me to celebrate turning 55 and I had no desire to even mention Tamra or Eddie’s name because they weren’t there and they weren’t invited. When Ricky revealed that he saw Eddie “making out with another man” I was shocked. Ricky and Eddie had been friends way before Tamra met him and now they are not. I have no idea why they had a falling out, nor do I want to know the details, but they did. Regarding this mess, a rumor is a rumor, and I don’t know why Ricky would say he saw this if it’s not true. Prior to Ricky revealing this, I had no facts surrounding this rumor, but now that Ricky said he saw them…is that another rumor or a fact?”

Thoughts on Tamra and Meghan’s tweets? Do you think there is something fishy about Ricky’s claims? Does Ricky have an ulterior motive? What do you think caused Ricky and Tamra’s falling out? Why do you think Vicki is defending Ricky? Sound off below!

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